Dear Surgical and Non-Surgical Readers,

Lucas had oral surgery yesterday. He was riding his 4-wheeler up and down the sidewalk. He was enraptured with the beauty all around him. Then, he hit a rock and the handlebar hit his mouth.

Eight weeks later, the doctor said it’s time to address the trauma in his mouth. Now this how sweet Lucas is. Lucas shared, “I didn’t want you guys (meaning Pierre and I) to worry.” He knows how much we have been through with Gabriel’s surgeries. Lucas elaborated, “I’m going to go in. Get some medicine that makes me goofy. The surgeon will go in my mouth and fix it. And I may need a few stitches. No big deal.” This little one amazes me. A courageous boy!

Thank everyone for all the love, prayers and healing energy for Lucas’s surgery. It went well. He got 3 stitches, endured some pain but bouncing back quickly.

But my husband, Pierre, got triggered from Lucas’s surgery. Stress came on. Pierre shared, “I’m getting triggered from the medical stuff with the kids, remembering all Gabriel’s surgeries.” He went for a walk and took a nap.

Back to 8 weeks ago when Lucas busted his mouth…


Pierre was pacing. He explored, “What happened? Did you flip forward?” Lucas removed the ice from his lips and shared, “No daddy. I was just driving.” Pierre pursued, “You hit the rock.” Lucas kindly spoke, “I was just looking at the houses. I got distracted for a moment. And I hit the rock.” Pierre elaborated, “Your mouth hit the handle bars.” Lucas guessed, “I think. I don’t know.” Pierre rushed with the flashlight to see if Lucas’s tooth went through his top lip.

Now, the whole time this exchange happened… I maintained my alignment. I maintained my high vibration. In fact, I opened my heart chakra and Lucas’s heart chakra to go deeper. I comforted him. I rubbed his forehead. I touched his shaking leg, and it quieted.

And I watched Pierre’s reaction. The panic. The Life Storm. The survival mentality. And I extended compassion. I understood where Pierre was coming from and I was truly thankful that I grew past that survival reaction. I can stay calm. I can maintain my vibration. I can thrive during this Life Storm. And sweet Lucas can feel my energy… of strength, of confidence, of love.

Pierre watched me. He didn’t say anything. But as he gained his composure, he shifted. Pierre shared, “Lucas, I am sorry for my reaction. Gabriel has been through 13 surgeries, and I’m a little sensitive.” I knew where Pierre was coming from. We’ve been through so much. But we’ve also grown so much.

I have moved from “Surviving” to “Thriving” and it took me growing in awareness, in alignment, in clarity.

Back to Gabriel’s surgeries…


Pierre left a message, “Jennifer call me. I’m going through the Gabriel’s surgery photos.” I heard his brokenness. I heard his sniffles. It was my time to hold Pierre.

I called immediately while Pierre tried to gain his composure. He said, “There is one photo that did it for me. The one of us with Gabriel at the hospital. We’ve been through so much. Gabriel and his surgeries. Hurricane Katrina. Living here. Living there. Living in apartments and other people’s homes. All I want to do is protect you guys and make sure you are safe. I work so hard. We’ve been through so much.” The tear fell down my cheek. But I led differently this time. I shared, “But look where we are now. Look where we are going. Yes, we have been through so much. But we are on the other side now and things are only getting better.” He agreed, “Yeah.”

And I realize that there is a lot of LOVE in the world and in each of us. It’s who we are, where we come from, what we have to give, share, and radiate.

Now go rock your mission with love, growth, and victory POWERhouses!!!

All love,