Dear Expressive Readers,

We came into the world to express, expand, evolve. It is our birthright. But all too often, we give our power away to another person, circumstance, condition. And in those moments, we suppress our God given power, talents, resources, gifts.

To Suppress of Express? That is the question.

When we Suppress, we fall into a downward spiral of…

* Despair
* Disappointment
* Discontentment
* Depression
* Dysfunction
* Destruction
* Deviance
* Denial
* Dis-Ease

When we Express, we expand into cycles of…

* Compassion
* Connection
* Creation
* Communication
* Confidence
* Courage
* Calmness
* Considerate
* Contentment

In my family, I notice that we are expressing more freely and easily. The benefit is everyone is happier.

Lucas is such a happy go lucky person. He is smiling more, communicating more, and hugging more. He is happier. In fact, Pierre asked him, “Are you happy?” Lucas replied, “Yes, very.” We can see the twinkle in his eyes. We are witnessing his soulful expression. As I was writing this blog, Lucas interjected, “Calm. Considerate” to my list. He is paying attention.

As a mom of a teenager, no questions are off limits. And the sex topic seems to be in the forefront of Gabriel’s mind. I welcome, and I want him to ask me any question. I don’t want him to be embarrassed. I’ve answered them truthfully. I didn’t have that transparency growing up. I don’t remember the birds and the bees talk. But Gabriel will remember this conversations as a boy and when he is a man. He is expressing himself and with expression comes transparency and vulnerability. And thankfully, dad is in town so Gabriel is now asking Pierre these questions.

I’m expressing myself through my writing. Speaking my peace. Being heard and understood. Yes, bold, real, and resonating. But expressing myself without other’s fears and beliefs in the way of my authentic self.

Pierre is expressing himself. After 22 years in law, he is moving into another business – coaching others through the wisdom of Bob Proctor from the Proctor Gallagher Institute and Harch hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Everything in our world had to be shaken up, scrabbled, scattered to create a new reality. To express who we really are.

Are you suppressing or expressing?
In what areas of your life have you seen the downward spiral of suppressing?
In what areas of your life have you seen the expansion of expressing?

Usually we suppress our true self due to conditioning of others whether it be family, society, school, church, marriage, etc.

But when we express, we truly live!

Go express yourself. Create. Calm. Content. Compassionate. Confident. Courageous. Connecting. Considerate. Communicating.