Dear Donut Lovers,

Sunday morning, I headed to V.G. Donuts & Bakery located in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. All I can say is they have incredible donuts and other baked goods. In fact, we have friends from New Orleans that visit us every summer. And they always request V.G. Donuts and Bakery.

Gabriel suggested, “Mom, we waited in line for a while and I am super hungry!” This means can I order a lot. I gave the okay nod. Gabriel rolled off his tongue, “I’ll have a chocolate Nutella cupcake, a cinnamon twist, cherry croissant, cinnamon roll, and a key lime pie.” I raised my eyebrows at his diverse and large selection. The cashier asked, “Would you like the whole key lime pie?”

I added, “The mini pie will do.” Gabriel smiled and said, “I’m growing.”

Lucas asked, “Since Gabriel got 5, can I get 5?” Justice for all!

The boys sat outside on the table and said that they donuts will last all week long. Hmm, I thought to myself.

Sunday evening rolled around. Gabriel ran downstairs enthusiastically to eat another assortment from the box.

Monday morning, Gabriel’s donuts are gone… really by Sunday evening.

Lucas walked in his bedroom with the cardboard box of donuts. I asked, “Where are you going?” Lucas revealed, “I’m hiding them in my room so Gabriel doesn’t eat mine.” I laughed hysterically. I took the box back in the kitchen and claimed these are Lucas’s donuts. Lucas inquisitively questioned, “Are you going to eat them mom while I’m at school?” I conveyed, “Of course not.”

I am picking Lucas up in an hour and he gets to come home from school to his box of donuts… uneaten by mom or big brother.

Are you enjoying the donuts?

What are you hiding?

What are you denying?

What are you enjoying?

Who are you competing with?

Usually, I would have eaten a donut or two. But I practiced self-control. They were important to Lucas. I didn’t want to upset him.

I learned that we don’t live in a scarcity world. We are abundant in every moment!!!

Abundantly Enjoying,