Dear Sunday Gatherers,

I gathered my boys in the kitchen. I had something important to express. I commented, “This is the most important lesson that I will teach you.” But I didn’t realize Gabriel was going to teach me. I shared of a situation that presented itself. It was an opportunity for my family to stand on solid ground.

Gabriel’s wisdom was spoken, “Mom, when people attack you, they are not being kind. They are operating out of fear. They don’t understand the law of attraction. They are living in a fear-based reality. You taught us so well. You have built this house with peace and love. You are creating this mom. We can come to you with anything and you are there for us. There is no hiding. You’ve given us transparency. Your power comes from LOVE. That is who you really are. LOVE!

Gabriel gave me a healing. My 13-year-old is a powerful soul full of wisdom. At the age of 4, he shared, “Mom, I see people’s pain. I know their suffering.” He has a gift that I want to cultivate. It’s easy to forget our gift. I forgot mine along the way.

WOW! My son is aware; he is paying attention; he is gaining clarity; he is in ALIGNMENT with Source, God, Energy, and Spirit.

I said, “Let’s pray.” We held hands in the kitchen. Gabriel was on my left and Lucas was on my right.

I prayed, “I want you guys to be bold, courageous, mighty men of valor. I want you stand firm in your power. And I want you to understand the lesson that took me the longest to learn. No one can take away your power. No situation, no circumstance, no condition, no life storms. You are powerful beyond measure. And I can’t wait to see the men that you become. You are walking in light, love, and connected to God. And I am so grateful for the work God is doing in our family.”

How was your Sunday gathering?

Do you realize that you are powerful beyond measure and no one can take away your power?

How do you pray?

Are you in alignment?

Do you have something to give?

Are you standing on solid ground?

Does your power come from love or does your power come from control?

“When someone uses the power of their love, they feel strong, courageous, and enthusiastic.” ~ Debasish Mridha

May you cultivate your gifts. Plant good seeds and pull the weeds. And watch your garden grow… your internal landscape. My external garden is my boys’ amazing growth! What more can a mother asks for!