Dear Summer Readers,

Summer is here. It’s a time for fun, freshness, freedom and feeling!

The boys are out of school, and they are ready for a different routine. They want to stay up late and sleep late. They want to decompress and rejuvenate. They don’t want the pressure. They want the enjoyment, no different than us.

We are playing board games, watching movies, and enjoying nature. And yes eating lots of snacks!

Summer comes and summer goes. The boys insist, “It’s too fast!” They want more time. But it’s just a season. A season of throwing school books out, combing through papers, and getting ready for the next school year. And it’s a season of enjoyment of the beach, airplane travels, road trips.

It’s also a time of reflection. So much growth has taken place from one school year to the end of the year. The growth doesn’t end. It continues in each season!

Summer is a reminder to enjoy the growth . . . enjoy the beauty . . . enjoy the season! The seasons come and the seasons go! The seasons encourage our growth. We don’t need to think about it. The seasons naturally cleanse us. You are abundant in each season. You are never lacking. May you recognize your abundance.

The sun is shining, reminding you to shine brightly in each season! You don’t need to dim your light. You can shine through each season of life.

May you enjoy the fun! It may be a vacation, a walk on the beach, connecting with friends and family, s’mores at the beach. Fun is here. Fun is now in this present moment.

May you enjoy the freshness! The beauty, the growth, the seasons, the sunshine. Freshness is through perspective. Freshness is clarity.

May you enjoy the freedom! A lax schedule. A different routine. A nap on the hammock. Freedom is yours. You are free to be authentic. You are free to give and receive love. You are free to choose.

May you enjoy your feelings! The joy, peace and love! And the sadness, boredom, restlessness. Remember, all the feelings are welcome. They are the ebb and flow of life, no different than the seasons. Feelings help guide you. Feelings wake you up to a new reality.

I agree with my boys. Summer does go by fast. May you welcome the seasons and the growth! Summer is here.

Summer lover,