Dear Purposeful Readers,

Has anyone ever suggested a career that you would be good at? Sometimes the thoughts of others can be unsolicited. However, they feel a need to impress their opinion on you.

Some suggestions can be truly awe inspiring. Others we question, “How do they see that because that sure in the hell isn’t me?” Right!?

Well, I decided to take stock of all the suggestions. And the inventory… drumroll please.


~ Teacher (I get to teach my boys daily.)

~ Yoga Instructor (Pigeon pose here I come.)

~ Nurse (I was in caring for Gabriel and his surgeries. I still am.)

~ Doctor (Sometimes I knew more than them. Sad but true. I rather avoid them.)

~ Lawyer (I dropped out of Loyola Law School after the first year. Not for me baby!)

~ Politician (Vote for me. Scary but maybe.)

~ Model (I would be in the older woman category by now.)

~ Actress (I’m animated and passionate. I could do this.)

~ Flight Attendant (My ears would pop constantly.)

~ Travel Agent (I would book my next trip to Australia and Hawaii. Are you coming?)

~ Personal Shopper (Just give me your credit card and it’s done!)

~ Makeup Artist (Give me a blank canvas. I see you beautiful.)

~ Professional Organizer (I live this on a daily basis. And guess what it never gets done.)

~ Decorator (Fun to make an environment more wonderful.)

~ Spa Director (Book me a massage ASAP.)

~ Real Estate Agent (Open house here I come baby.)

~ Healthy Cook (“You can cook for me anytime. I would pay you.” Lovely comment.)

~ Wellness Coordinator (“What vitamins do you suggest?”)

~ Wedding Planner (I cooridanated my sister’s wedding and had a blast. Spectacular. But she can give her honest answer.)

~ Date Night Planner (Obviously, I gave some good suggestions. Danielle texted me on this one:)

~ Clerk at Barnes and Nobles (Hmm. I would read a lot.)

~ Boot Shop Owner (Stylish boots from Turkey. But I rather return to Turkey.)

~ Writer (Yea! Maybe I added this one. And guess what I get to add all the above in my writing. Go figure!)

And what I learned from taking inventory. The old me would get pissed, insulted, and aggravated by some of the suggestions. Some of the suggestions are from family members, friends, acquaintances, etc. The new me opened my eyes and ears to a new understanding. I surveyed and discovered that I have diverse interests and many giftings that others recognize. WOW! Can I say WOW again?

When people convey something that “I would be good at” or “you would be good at,” they SEE something in you. We may not see it. We shut down the receiving based on our own interpretation, our perception, how much we like the person, or even better… how much we like their suggestion! Does it resonate with you?

But WHAT IF… Stay with me here because we are going to push the envelope and dream a bigger dream. What if they are all your unique gifts and skills that lay dormant ready to be tapped in at any minute? We are all unique. And uniquely we discern, uniquely we discover, uniquely we imagine!

Go discover. For fun take stock. Make an inventory. Snicker. Get it over with. Then laugh. And say WOW. Yes WOW. Look at all the amazing gifts, skills, and talents you have. You are authentic. Go live it. Fearless and Courageous!