Dear Breakthrough Readers,

Do you need a breakthrough in your career?

What about your finances?

How about your relationships?

Is your happiness tank fueled or are you running on fumes?

Do you love the person looking back in the mirror?

We all need breakthroughs in some area or areas of our life. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to be more – authentically empowered with a breakthrough.

Sometimes we are looking for the “big breakthroughs.” Sometimes we are waiting for them. Other times, we experience subtle breakthroughs.

Something is subtly brought into our consciousness. We connect the dots and we receive an aha moment… long ingrained patterns… habitual thoughts… subconscious beliefs begin to unravel. What we are holding onto, no longer serves us.

Today, my pattern of rejection and abandonment surfaced. Once I dug a little deeper, the core belief is loving myself.

Where have I subconsciously carried the belief of rejection and abandonment?

Where have I experienced rejection and abandonment my life?

Is this pattern true, helpful, life-giving OR has it become the very block and perpetuating needless suffering?

My reality can justify my experience. I can see the pattern of abandonment and rejection when an agent or manager says no to my scripts. I can see the pattern when my husband shares that he loves me but doesn’t like me. I can see the pattern of my dad not answering my phone call but texting me instead. I can see it in my self-esteem and self-worth. So, if these are manifestations from a subconscious pattern playing in my head, then they are illusions. They are not true. They are not helpful. They are not life-giving.

The better question becomes what is true, helpful, and life-giving?

Now, I am free to create a new reality…. a new belief… a conscious decision.

This is what I know is true, helpful, and life-giving. This is what I know for sure.

God will never leave me or forsake me. In others words, God will never abandon me or reject me. Those words offer me security, source energy, strength, and stability.

I am free to consciously embody this belief, trust God, walk out my faith, and love myself.

When a belief no longer serves you, you replace it with a loving belief.

And that my friends is called a breakthrough.

Where are you experiencing breakthroughs?

May you pay attention to the subtleties. A subtle breakthrough is a shift in perspective.

Not “Breaking Bad,” but “Breaking Through.”