Dear Interesting Readers,

Did you know that you are the student and the teacher? And these archetypes will remain throughout your life.

You are learning, expanding, and sharing.

You can be a student during school years and beyond; more importantly, you are a student in the classroom of life. Patterns are shifting. Consciousness is expanding. Beliefs are unraveling. Interests are changing.

All of your life experiences are cultivated from deep, rich soil. When you share, you teach from your life experiences. Your life experiences were not meant to tear you down but build you up.

And that makes you a teacher, leader, motivational speaker.

Relationships are the biggest tool for growth. Yes, they can be difficult and uncomfortable at times. But they can also be joyous and easy at times.

My children are my biggest teachers, teaching me how to stay in the present moment, laugh more, speak kindly, respond gently, and love unconditionally.

My husband is my biggest teacher of letting go, forgiveness, acceptance, and finally compassion.

I am the student when I am around them . . . watching and observing. But I also rise to the teacher . . . moving past issues and bringing a unique perspective.

I am the student and teacher with my friend Sandy when we go on our adventurous and soul-searching walks.

I am the student and teacher with my friend Murry when we laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

I am the student and teacher with my mom when we connect by long phone calls, text messages or well-needed visits.

I am the student and teacher when I write . . . unlearning fear and remembering love.

Yesterday, I was the student and teacher at a doctor appointment. The doctor walked in and commented, “You look so healthy.” After some blood work and test, he confirmed a healthy diagnosis. Then, he shifted to my son and his rare condition, Giant Pigmented Nevus. As he asked a series of questions, I watched his genius, scientific mind search for facts. In that moment, there was opportunity to share from my life experiences and what Giant Pigmented Nevus is to this doctor and his medical student. Most doctors have not heard of it.

The moral of the story. You are always a student – learning and expanding. You are always a teacher – sharing from your life experiences. And that is an absolute on this growth cycle of life. And when you walk through the door of growth with an open heart, your life becomes rich, rewarding and interesting. Keep walking and enjoying your life.

Learning and sharing,