Dear Scholarly Readers,

This weekend, Gabriel heads to Stanford University to compete in a Speech and Debate tournament. I am so proud of him. I think I’m his biggest cheerleader, besides dad.


It’s been a whirlwind since Gabriel came into my life. He entered the world, blowing his trumpet. The archangel of communication… teaching me communication through empathy, forgiveness, understanding, intuition, humility, compassion, unconditional love.

There have been times that he fought me, resisted me, and challenged me. There have been times that he brought me to my knees in prayer, in desperation, in tears.

But there have been incredible times:

When I stubbed my toe, he laid hands on me and prayed for me at the age of four.

When I received the gift of tongues, I would pray over him and he would translate my utterances.

He has wiped my tears, running down my cheek. “Mom, look at you. You are doing so good. Look how far you’ve come.

He has offered compassionate understanding in my darkest wounds. “I’m sorry that happened to you.”

He has prophesied over me. “Mom, wait until you see the lives you will touch, even in Asia. You came into the world with the boldness of Martin Luther King, Jr. Now you are moving into the energy of Gandhi… seeking peace.”

He encourages me daily… “Think positive thoughts. Maintain a high vibration.”

He believes in my writing. “Your book is a movie. It’s so visual and sensory. It’s an experience. You are making movies. God doesn’t waste lives. He is going to use your writings.”

He sends text throughout the day, “Mom, I love you.” And he tops it off with the heart emoticons.

He confirms my intuitive hits with the same message from the universe.

I shared in his suffering: the bullying, the 13 surgeries, the harsh comments and stares, the different schools, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

I also shared in his victories: singing at Carnegie Hall, serving in Mexico at the orphanage, building schools in Panama, serving at church, saying no to more surgeries.

My son is intuitive, empathetic, a spiritual warrior, a sensitive soul, a healer and a teacher. The suffering of another overwhelms him. He can’t pass a homeless person on the street without the prompting to give, especially a homeless woman and child.

One day, I offered, “Gabriel, you have spiritual gifts. You can read energy. There will be images, visions, impressions, prophesies, dreams that come to you. It causes a lot of anxiety and depression in people because they don’t know what to do with it. But once you understand they are gifts from God to serve humanity, you will feel at ease using them. It took me a while to learn this new language.” He nodded. He knew.

People have shared that he could be the President of the U.S. or a pastor. He wanted to be a doctor and now has shifted to a video game designer. It’s a world that I don’t understand but it’s his world that he escapes into to battle and build his confidence and self-esteem.

When he was born, our eyes met and I knew him. We have been here before. He has showed me my strength, my dependence on God, the gift of Christ consciousness… unconditional love.

We walked the other day. Gabriel shared, “Mom, I’m going to live next to you when I’m older. I think it will be good for you and be good for me.”

As God hid me in the shadow of his wings, Gabriel closely held onto me. Gabriel was witnessing my growth, cheering me to move forward. And today, I cheer him at Stanford. “You got this Gabriel. You got this.”

All love,