Dear Spontaneous Readers,

On Saturday, we dropped friends off at the airport. Instead of heading back home, we decided to become tourists. We headed to Juice Crafters where I ordered a Silver Cup smoothie. We walked around the Farmer’s Market. I visited Peace Pies, one of my favorite places and ordered the chocolate toffee. Hard to believe that it was raw and vegan. Some of the best toffee!

Pierre noticed these SPF protection hats. He walked right up to one and nestled it on my head. He added, “I’m buying you this. It’s you.” Now there were a variety of hats. The old me would have tried all the different hats until I found the “perfect” one. I realized that I didn’t need a hat, but my husband delighted in selecting a hat for me. It was a gift. And I accepted it. It was the “perfect” one.

We noticed this yellow GOCar on the street. It was not a Go-Cart but a GOCar that rode on the street with other cars. Pierre googled it. Then off we went to find the GOCar location. But before we did, we stopped at Pan Bon to get something to drink. Pierre and the boys visited it earlier in the day, and they wanted to take me there. It was this quaint restaurant with a European flair. I would go back. It was lovely.

Time to find these yellow GOCars.

We signed the waivers, watched the video, and put on our helmets. Lucas jumped in the GOCar with Pierre, and Gabriel sat with the map next to me. It was a GPS guided city tour of downtown San Diego. Off we went with many stares from pedestrians and drivers in other cars. Gabriel suggested, “Slow down. Watch the other car. Stay behind dad. Two hands on the wheel.” I nurtured, “It is all okay. We are fine.” And we were more than fine as we explored the San Diego Harbor, Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, and Banker’s Hill.

Gabriel and Jennifer - GOCarsGabriel and Jennifer

Lucas and Pierre - GOCarsLucas and Pierre

Pierre needed a break. We stopped in Balboa Park and enjoyed the area filled with beautiful Spanish Renaissance buildings. The street vendors captured us especially these dogs dressed up for the day.

balboa-park-dogsBalboa Park Dogs

We felt a few raindrops and headed back. All was well. It was a fun-filled day with great family memories. And the only decision we made was to have fun… to explore… to be spontaneous.

When was the last time you were spontaneous?

When did you decide to go with the flow?

What memories are you making?

In getting back to my true nature, I am experiencing fun, joy, happiness. It’s our natural state of well-being when we allow and not resist. May you enjoy life and all the spontaneous moments. You can let go of the tight grip and breathe. As I shared with Gabriel, “It is all okay. We are fine.” You are okay, and you are fine… in every moment.