Dear Massive Readers,

I went in for a routine procedure… if you call a colonoscopy a routine. But it was on the list of things to do that year. After the procedure, they asked me to do a virtual colonoscopy which takes x-ray images from a CT scan and a lot more comfortable. I thought odd but okay. I left one clinic and went to another clinic to undergo the virtual colonoscopy. The doctor called me during the week to let me know everything was okay with the colonoscopy, but the virtual colonoscopy showed a mass on my spine. He suggested that I have a MRI of my spine immediately. The catch one was “immediately.”

Now your mind can go a million directions with a “diagnosis” or any diagnosis. But the first thing that came to mind is cancer. Then, I thought that I don’t have time for cancer. I rejected it. I rejected bringing that in my subconscious mind and letting that fester, ruminate, and percolate. I don’t have the time or energy for a big scare, a big crisis, a big health challenge. So I rejected it.

I called my husband for support, and he encouraged me that it is nothing… benign. And not to worry and make a big deal out of it. In that moment, I decided not to go to the “what if’s.” It would be counterproductive.

I shared with two friends, and they didn’t interject their feelings or opinions. They were silent. And probably what I needed at the moment…. To be heard. I decided not to call my family members to reduce the chatter, the drama, the “what if’s.”

I drove myself to the MRI clinic one morning. The tech added, “I never seen someone so young with this. You will be fine.” And I was fine because truthfully I had clarity of mind. I was in high vibration of trust, gratitude, and peace. I accepted a different reality in my conscious mind. The tech and I were sharing and laughing. He even showed me pics of his family. I left the clinic with a smile on my face.

The results arrived. The phone rang. The doctor resided on the other end. The results arrived. And he responded, “Jennifer, it is benign; nothing to worry about it.”

How many times do we make a big deal over things before we have the results?

If we are co-creating our reality, what reality do you want to create?

My conscious mind lived in expectancy with trust, gratitude and peace.

I am sharing this “Life Storm” to encourage you to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when those diagnosis come. And how to consciously choose a different reality. Studies have shown that people with cancer that practice positive affirmations do well. I want to do well in life. I want to trust the process. I want to live with gratitude. I want to live in peace “with the diagnosis” and “without the diagnosis.”

How about you?

Massive lover,