Dear Marvelously Weaving Readers,

Today was tipi quest day with Heart Beat Groove encompassing the splendor of a spider ~ the element of earth. An array of healing gemstones surrounded the inside and outside perimeter of the stately tipi. We were protected in an organic and dynamic fashion as the spider spun her web. Physical and emotional trauma stuck in my fascia, the webbing of my body. Time to clear the cobwebs. Time for clarity. Time for more healing in my body, mind, soul, and spirit.

The supermoon energy pulsated in the dawn of this glorious day. I was smudged with the distinct smell of sage. I instinctively chose the crow alchemy. As droplets hit my tongue, I was going on a journey to calm my nervous system. The crow was showing me a bird’s eye view of what needed to be seen. The grasshopper essential oil was rubbed on me so I can jump into my vision and dreams effortlessly. Time to bypass the unnecessary steps.

My intention for the day was desire, believe, and expect. For so long, I had burning desires. I thought unquenchable belief. But did I live with the energy of expectancy? Expecting things to work for my higher good.

I struggled for so long for a sense of identity and stability. Doubt, distraction, and disorientation were my downfalls. However, God, Source Energy, Being was ever present in my life. I no longer needed confirmation. It was fully there all along. All I needed was to receive, surrender, and trust the unfolding process… no longer the unraveling process.

The meridians of spleen and stomach embody the earth channel. As Source grounded us in the earth, my life experiences became my medicine. The spleen suspended. The stomach digested. The earth decomposed. And in a gentle moment, I let go.

The spider showed my life experiences… emotional and mental abuse, physical trauma, endless doctor and hospital visits, unpleasant school events. She weaved a beautiful web. I no longer need to come from a place of pain and suffering. Growth doesn’t have to be difficult and pain relived. It can be effortless as the grasshopper shows me; beautiful as the spider spins her intricate web; full of growth and expansion as the crow shows me the bird’s eye view of all my life experiences. They are not bad or good experiences. They just are… part of my journey and part of my unfolding to become the woman I am.

Gold light dropped on our webs creating a cascade of patterns. I hid for so long. Afraid to hurt anyone. Secretly hurting myself.

It’s not a fragile web but a stronger web. Each day, my strength builds. I appreciate all my life experiences. Grateful for them. Understanding and opening to my medicine, my nutrients, and my nourishment.

The next morning, I awoke to a breathtaking sunrise. As I sipped my warm tea, I noticed the magnificent spider web. A place of everything. A place of nothingness. A place of healing and clarity. I savored the beauty of the moment. And I smiled.

Beautifully Woven,