Dear Truthful Readers,

I got a pedicure this weekend. The nail technician’s son approached me. He was curious, imaginative, and a handsome six-year-old. He asked, “Do you think I’m handsome?” I replied, “Yes. I think you are very handsome.” He ran to the mirror and observed himself. He came back and questioned again, “Do you think I’m handsome?” I replied, “Yes. I think you are very handsome.” His mom chimed in, “You are not very handsome.” I was surprised by her hurtful comment. Now, if this is how they joke, banter, or express affection, it was unsettling to my essence. It was time to shift this little boy. I looked at this little boy and said, “She’s playing with you. You are very handsome.” But she elaborated, “You have a wide nose. Your eyes are too small for you face. And your face is too wide.” I continued, “You are very handsome.” She added, “Now look at your brother over there. He is very handsome.”

I wasn’t going to leave until I shifted this little one. All it takes is one negative thought that seeps into our subconscious mind. And a belief occurs when you continually think that same thought. See our subconscious mind only accepts. You see the power in our words!!! The statement, “You are not handsome” can play all day long in his subconscious. And this young boy can go through life thinking he isn’t handsome. His mom is even telling him.

I pursued, “I find you so handsome.” He explored, “But my nose doesn’t look like your nose.” I continued, “Neither do our fingers look alike. But you are handsome.”

He asked, “Do you speak Vietnamese?” I pointed out, “No, but I speak truth.”

I watched the communication exchange between a son and a mom. I saw the confused look on his face. I saw him run to the mirror observing himself, not liking what he saw. I felt the conflict. And so I continued, “You are handsome. You are so sweet. You are kind. You are fun. You are curious. You are imagination.”

My message is to remind people who they really are. Along the way, we forget. I forget my way listening to the voices of others that truly were harmful.

When I got up, his face glowed. He gave me the biggest bear hug and wouldn’t let me go. He asked, “Can you come back tomorrow?”

When you remind people who they are, you turn on their light switch. When you remind people who they are, they want to be in your presence.

Who are you reminding today?

Who are you shifting?

Whose light switch are you turning on?

Do you realize the power in your words?

What is your message?

What is your vibration in the universe?

I have learned to step up and step into the power of love. I’m here to remind you that you are HANDSOME!

Speaking Truth,