Dear Smudging Readers,

Have you ever smudged sage? You may be asking what is smudging sage. Well, let’s find out.

Smudging involves clearing negative energy. Stuck, static, impinging energy in our mind, emotions, body, deep within the fascia. It has been used in Native American rituals and ceremonies. Spiritual? Yes. Medicinal? Yes. Cultural? Of course.

You breathe in the sweet smoke of sage and gently fan the swirl of smoke around your body from head to toe. You breathe out the resistance, the memories, the painful charges. And I love this scientific benefit. Burning sage releases negative ions, which uplifts a more positive mood.

Basically, you focus your intention to cleanse negative energy and invite positive energy. Healing? Incredible healing indeed!!!

What did I cleanse?


~ Listening to others negative opinions and beliefs
~ Pain in my body
~ Yelling
~ Not understanding technical difficulties
~ Unsafe and hurtful relationships
~ Delays in my career
~ Doubt, fears, lies, bullshit
~ Telling myself the same story
~ Majoring in the minor
~ Guilt and shame


~ All of me… loving, shining, radiant, beautiful from the inside out
~ My heart and soul
~ Supportive and like-minded people
~ Fulfilling relationships
~ Amazing writing career full of inspiration and healing
~ Inspirational blog, website, movies, books, speaking engagements
~ Incredible and fun-loving readers, contacts, audience
~ Abundance, love, joy, peace, and bliss
~ Trusting my intuition
~ Communicating effectively
~ Indescribable connection to the divine with clear consciousness
~ Help with technical difficulties, exercise, kids, cooking
~ Awesome body full of well-being
~ An ergonomic office with desk and chair

Alright. It’s out there. Vulnerable but safe. I am living a life of transparency, connection, truth, love, and light.

What can you cleanse from your life?

What can you let go of?

Time to purify. Maybe not now. Maybe not ready. Maybe you are.

What can you invite in?

What can replenish your heart and soul?

Only you know those answers when you connect to source, spirit, the light within you.

I’m purifying deeply. An ongoing process. Truly worthy. To find yourself and discover who you are. Beautifully and wonderfully made.

And so are you!

Fanning the Flame,

Some of those things that “I Let In” have come to fruition:) Yea!!!