Dear Elephant Lovers,

Have you ever considered that you may have the same mind of an elephant?

An excerpt from a book, Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris reads:

“The trained elephant of India is a perfect picture of the power of psychological captivity. Tamed and utilized for its enormous strength, the great beast stands nearly 10 feet tall and weighs up to 5 tons when fully grown. Its tasks may include uprooting full-grown trees, hauling great boulders, and carrying enormous loads on its shoulders. And yet, when the day’s work is done and this powerful beast must be kept from wandering off during the night, its owner simply takes a piece of twine, attaches it to a small branch embedded in the ground, and ties it around the elephant’s right hind leg. Reason dictates that the elephant can easily snap the twine or pull the twig from ground, and yet the owner does not worry, fully confident that when morning comes he will find the animal exactly where he left him. And he does.

I’ll admit that upon first hearing of this practice, I couldn’t decide which was harder to believe: that the owner was confident, or that his confidence proved justified. A beast that can uproot trees is suddenly unable to pull up a twig? What is it about the piece of twine and the small branch that allows them to subdue all of the elephant’s power? I soon discovered that it had little to do with the twine around the elephant’s ankle, and everything to do with invisible shackles around its mind.

The elephant’s training begins when it is still young and considerably less powerful. Removed from its mother, the elephant is then shackled with an iron chain to a large tree. For days and weeks on end, the baby elephant strains against its restraints, only to find that all exertion is useless. Then slowly, over a period of several weeks, sometimes months, smaller chains and smaller trees are used. Eventually, you can use a piece of twine and a small branch, and the great beast will not budge. Its mind is fully committed to the idea that it cannot go anywhere when there is something around its right hind leg.”

Do you wear invisible shackles around your mind?
Oh, I can’t do that because I don’t have enough time, don’t have enough money, don’t have enough…
Or, who I am to do that? I’m not educated, not talented, not gifted like, fill in the blanks.
Where have you held yourself captive by self-liminting thoughts?
What shackles need to be removed, once and for all?

We wrestle with our minds all day that eventually we give up, we play small, and we shrink. We tie twine around our mind no different than an elephant. We become powerless, stuck, and captive. We sabotage ourselves daily and feel that we cannot go anywhere daily.

Do you see the illusion? It’s easy to see it in a 10 foot tall and 5 ton elephant. And perhaps, we chuckle at the notion. But really that elephant is us. We have the same shackles of the mind! The baby elephant is trained and carried through adulthood. No different than a child trained into an adulthood. The shackles of the mind and the power of psychological captivity.

Our power rests in our mind. Our power rests in our choices. Our power rests in our beliefs. May you break the invisible shackles around you mind and embrace freedom. Only you can set yourself free and it begins with clarity of the mind!

An encouraging challenge — Do something today that you wouldn’t normally do.

Setting myself free… one thought at a time!

Elephant Lover & Mind Lover,