Dear Moving Readers,

Have you moved around a lot in your life? Have you moved around in careers, relationships, places? Maybe, you wish that you could move. You dream of far off lands, fun adventures, new beginnings, and budding relationships.

We moved thirteen times after Hurricane Katrina. The Huffman family moved us from Louisiana to California. They had three available apartments in Encinitas. We never heard of Encinitas. It is like hearing of Metairie in Louisiana. But we have heard of San Diego.

When we flew to San Diego, we encountered delays due to bad weather condition. We arrived during the night, wiped and exhausted. All we knew is that we wanted a place to call home. A place to lay our heads and rest for our weary hearts. The Huffman family shared they would have moved to Encinitas. It is a safe area to raise kids.

All I wanted was safe and clean. Gabriel had his 11th surgery less than two months following Hurricane Katrina.

We absolutely fell in love with California and the area. We always wanted to move to California. It took a hurricane to get us there. But we wrestled with the decision. It wasn’t a conscious choice. It was a reaction and a survival mentality. We didn’t have anywhere else to go. And we lived with family after the hurricane and we knew that would not be healthy for us in the long run.

But we were on the fence. Should I stay or should I go? Should we stay in California or should we go back to Louisiana? We decided to go back to Louisiana for three years. But then we made another decision to move back to California. Now, it was a conscious choice. It was a conscious decision and not a reaction. It was to thrive and not survive.

On Christmas Eve, we stopped at a gas station. Pierre approached me with a car sticker that read “Encinitas for Life.” He stuck it on my rear window. Pierre got in the car and smiled. I knew how he felt.

Are there times in your life that you are ready to move? Ready to move towards growth? Or do you stay? Stay in the sameness and dullness?
When have you made a conscious choice and not a knee jerk reaction?
Are you surviving or are you thriving?
Are you safe? Are you clean?
Where are you on the fence in life? Where did you need to trust and make the next move?

Should I stay or should I go is an approach in every aspect of life. It is in every decision to move forwards or to move backwards, to stay or to grow, to move towards love or fear.

All those decisions, all those moments are opportunities calling you to more. They are calling you to take a leap of faith, jump towards the unknown, let go of the safety net and see what is on the other side.

Will you move towards the unknown? Will you trust in the uncertainty of life?

Consciously Living,