Dear Shifting Readers,

The word “energy” sounds strange to some people. But others embrace it because we resonate with it. The Law of Conservation of Energy states, “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but can only be changed from one form to another.”

Fear is an energy.

Love is an energy.

There are people that call themselves energy healers. Some do it behind the scenes while others do it in front of the scenes. But guess what? We are all doing it.

When we go to a healer, shaman, spiritual coach, a cranial sacral therapist, counselor, life coach, teacher… we go there for a specific reason. Something is bothering us, and we want relief. We want to shift from this Life Storms and gain clarity with a new Life Scripts. We want freedom. And the freedom is clarity. When we gain understanding and meaning, we shift perspectives. We walk in the true justice of forgiveness. We transform our fear to love. In every moment, we get to choose. We aren’t powerless. We are actually quite powerful.

Some people don’t want to look at their “stuff.” Maybe too scared, too shameful, too arrogant etc. But the ones that truly want to look at their “stuff” are the ones that are courageous, strong, and humble. You may not know it when you take the leap of faith. But when you cross that threshold, there is no turning back because you walked through all the illusions. They no longer own you. The veil has been lifted. Perspectives change. Energy shifts.

The other day, I had a healing session. And I saw from a higher perspective. I gained clarity on my life path. I was encouraged from another spiritual being on how to navigate this physical dimension and fully enjoy this human experience. The energy was invigorating.

Two important things happened that same day. The first thing involved my son Gabriel (14). He came home from school and shared that he received a message from the universe. Gabriel elaborated, “My passion is video games and it’s my calling in life. It’s what I’m here to do.” Wow! The second beautiful thing came from my son Lucas (8). Lucas commented, “Mom, do you feel the energy shift? It’s so peaceful now.”

May you not be afraid of energy. You are energy. You are love. You are shifting, sorting, and healing as you return to more love and less fear. Let’s keep shifting the energy. Let’s raise consciousness one shift at a time.

Beautiful energy,