Dear Peaceful Readers,

The boys were fighting the other night. I called a family meeting. We sat at the kitchen table, and I listened… to this attack, blame, accusation. I gave them my presence. I suggested one at a time. Of course, there were interruptions. But I wanted them to voice their feelings and opinions. There was no holding back. I said, “We are not leaving this table until we find a solution.”

And then, I gently shifted them. It was a time to heal and a time to guide. Not my opinion or what I think is right or wrong. I needed to stay in alignment with God, Source, Spirit, and Energy to guide them. I can’t offer something unless I remain connected and aligned. And I even amazed myself. Usually that bickering for 40 minutes would wear me out. Suck my energy.

Time to shift, myself included…

I shared that when we attack, blame, or yell, we are listening to the voice of ego and not the voice of Spirit. They listened attentively. Each of them wanted to get the last word in. I added, “That is still the voice of ego when we want to get the last word in.”

In every moment, we have a choice to be loving or be right. What do you choose?

Then, I talked about feelings. I said, “Feelings are not bad. They are your guidance system… your g.p.s.” They teach you if you are on the right path or not, with clarity or without clarity, in alignment or out of alignment. We all go through sadness, anger, bitterness, loneliness, surprise, peace, joy. Feelings are just energy. They are neither good nor bad. Feelings need to be acknowledged to move the energy.

Time to move the energy…

Lucas broke down, “I don’t feel loved by my brother. He plays video games when I want him to play with me. And I like to play outside but he never wants to play with me.”

Bingo, bingo, bingo. We got to the root of it.

Gabriel shared, “Well, I needed help. The dog threw up. I needed a towel. But Lucas didn’t help. He kept playing Minecraft when I needed help.”

Bingo, bingo, bingo. We got to another root.

I felt the energy shift. Each expressed how they felt with no judgement from me!!! I was proud of both of my boys.

I came up with solutions. Then, I said, “Let’s go get some yogurt at Swirls.”

I didn’t want to practice behavior control. If you are good, you get this. If you are bad, you don’t get this. I wanted to shift that crappy belief. I wanted to have fun. We went for yogurt. Then, we came home, and the boys lovingly sat on the couch watching a movie.

That was huge! Huge for me. Huge for them. How I longed to express my feelings as a child but I wasn’t given that opportunity. So, I suppressed, hid and quenched. And in my marriage, I continued that pattern. No more. I am expressing. I am feeling. I am communicating. And guess what? I am teaching my boys to express… to feel… to communicate.

Love is great. Love is deep. Healing is great. Healing in deep.

Are you ready to shift and rock your world?