Dear Believing Readers,

What do you believe in? And when someone doesn’t believe in what you believe in, do you respond compassionately or do you react harshly? Time to apply what I know.

My husband, Pierre, and I ate lunch in the backyard. And the conversation got heated. I was sharing that some friends get false eyelash extensions and hair extensions. He adamantly shared, “I don’t understand the point. And I am sure you want that next?” Well, I stayed calm, but I felt aggravated. I commented, “You may not understand why some women want it. But you don’t need to judge them. They do it because they feel good in doing it. It brings them joy. That is why everyone makes choices. They are moving towards the vibration of feeling good. No different than someone enjoying a good meal or someone buying a car or someone watching a football game or someone dancing abandonedly… they are do it because it brings them joy.”

Lunch was done and so was the conversation.

We have the audacity to judge others based on what we think is right for “our life,” but it may not be right for “their life.” There lies the beauty in diversity and contrast. I recognize this tendency in my husband because I recognize it in myself. And I had to shift. I had to respond. I had to shoot for new beliefs so I could navigate life graciously, effortlessly, and beautifully. And it took letting go of beliefs that do not serve my higher good. I had to embrace new beliefs with a lightness in life.

How often do you judge others?

How often do you think that you know what is “right” for someone’s life?

Are you moving towards feeling good?

Are you experiencing joy?

Are you navigating life graciously, effortlessly, and beautifully?

Are you raising your vibration?

Are you shifting beliefs… letting go in ones that don’t serve your higher good and embracing new ones with lightness?

Are you appreciating the contrast and the diversity?

Four days later, Pierre approached me and shared that I increased his awareness. He saw things from a new perspective.

Isn’t that is what life is all about? To see things from a new perspective and increase awareness so we can experience joy here and now. Sign me up for that! Any takers?

Thankfully shifting beliefs,