Dear Sensitive Readers.

Lucas and I enjoyed a sweet conversation at the dinner table. He pointed out. “You know mom. I’m sensitive like a dog.” He got my attention. I inquisitively prompted, “What do you mean?” He explained,” You know how Drew (our dog) is sensitive when new people enter the house. Well, I’m the same way. Sensitive until I know you.”

I smiled.

First from his analogy of a dog and a boy. Second, how he admitted to his sensitivities.

So many people hide that gift. Afraid that others won’t understand or accept them. Misunderstood often.

Sensitivities. Some people are sensitive to different odors, chemicals, food, smoke, water, air quality. Taking in other people’s emotions, reactions, criticisms. When there is a full moon, things shift and sensitive moods change. Sensitive to cold, heat, touch. Loud noises. Nails on a chalkboard. Crowds. Horror movies. Violence. News. Alcohol. What about texture – food and certain clothes? Stimulus overload.

Lucas keenly admitted that he is sensitive… cautious of a new person. He is reserved and shy when he meets new people. He doesn’t say much. As he knows you, he warms up. No different than a dog.

What I realized is that my boys are extremely sensitive. Just like me. Taking in so much. Sometimes not speaking when they have so much to say. Coming to a place of quietness and stillness in those moments.

Today, I was meditating outside. Lucas called for me. I raised my hand, letting him know give me five more minutes. And he did just that. He sat at my feet. Not interrupting. Appreciating that I was taking time to meditate and seek source connection with the divine. I smiled.

Sensitivity. What a wonderful gift to possess? I’m so thankful that my boys have it. Lucas has it. I have it. They are gifts that allow connection, empathy, and to feel deeply. Our society needs more of those qualities.

Do you have it?

Are you even aware of it?

What are you sensitive to?

What triggers do you recognize in your environment?

Open to the gift of sensitivity and find the joy, peace, and yes commonality… Just like a dog!

Exquisitely Sensitive,