LOGLINE: “A fascinating, talented girl overcomes challenges as she discovers her true voice, power and a gift.”


“You always had the power.

What if you believe everything you are told until your secret is exposed . . . and you discover your beliefs aren’t true?

This story follows EMMA STRONG, a fascinating, talented girl with an ethereal presence, through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Emma was taught family, society and school rules. Be quiet. Don’t question. Just follow. But these rules don’t resonate with this courageous girl as she emerges into a young woman. Emma longs for freedom to be herself and not live according to others’ expectations. This is one empowering fight but oh so worth it!

Emma faces many teenager challenges as she ventures into the harsh world of drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, body image, dating, and sex. Her family life is an unstable foundation as her parents struggle in their own marriage and the sibling rivalry continues. Thankfully, she travels the road with her BEST FRIEND JILL.

Emma longs for expression and not suppression. She spends nights under the blanket with a flashlight and pile of books. Her imagination explodes. Through the world of adventure, Emma discovers her gift!

A CARING HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER encourages her and other students to dream big and use their voice. In fact, she gives Emma a gold journal. On those very pages, Emma discovers her voice!

But Emma’s journal is stolen, and her secret is exposed. Emma faces her darkest hour and lives with shame, guilt and fear. She finally seeks help. During her short stay, Emma discovers the power she had all along!

Emma faces her new life of empowerment or slides back into her old ways.

In the heartfelt complexity of GOOD WILL HUNTING.

SHINING LIGHT FILMS Feature Drama Inspired by True Events, REGISTERED WITH WGAw, Copyrighted with the Library of Congress