LOGLINE: By reflecting on current issues, a passionate boy blazes a trail for change in his community.”


“A change of heart changes everything.”

– Based on the wisdom and curiosity of my son, Gabriel.

Change Begins One Bite at a Time ~ A Wildly Provocative TV Sitcom

CURIOUS SAM is an inspired thinker, old soul, passionate, veracious, avid reader, and precocious. And he’s only 11. A TED Talk character that inspires change by speaking about current and relevant issues in a contemporary way. As Sam reflects, he blazes a trail in his community, school, and family.

In this episode Sam dabbles in food glorious food – GMO’s, sugar-laden, corn-fed, additives, preservatives and more.

He addresses SKEPTICAL PRINCIPAL LEE at Central Junior High and makes necessary changes in the vending machines.

The venture begins when Sam’s KIND TEACHER undergoes gastric bypass. Sam opens us to change, opportunities, and possibilities. A thrive mentality versus a survive mentality.

FIT GEORGE, sixties, yoga enthusiast, outspoken, wellness advocate, loves T-shirts with an inspired message, is not only Sam’s grandpa . . . but his sidekick as Sam explores. George and Sam clean out their kitchen pantry and cook wholesome meals for the family.

FLIPPANT VALENTINA, 15, tight-fitting clothes, heavy makeup, accessorized to the max, resists at first. She is stuck in toxic patterns and behaviors. By opening her heart to change, Valentina joins George in exercise and in the kitchen.

STYLISH ANNETTE, 40, striking looks, trim, loves that her son, Sam, and father, George, are cooking. She can relax when she comes home from work. But Annette is more excited about the changes in her husband.

TIRED JAMES, 40’s, heavyset, glasses, decides to embrace change. James jogs, juices, and meditates. The spark ignites between Annette and James again.

Through the eyes of a precocious Sam, we gleam some ideas are worth spreading and anything is possible with a change of heart. Wildly provocative changes are possible when Sam Cares.

SHINING LIGHT FILMS Wildly Provocative TV Series Inspired by my Son, REGISTERED WITH WGAw, Copyrighted with the Library of Congress