LOGLINE:  A heartbroken mom blames herself for the birth of her son’s rare disease and her resistant husband emotionally departs from their marriage as Hurricane Katrina wreaks havoc . . . unraveling another Life Storms.”


“Everyone faces storms in life.”

What if you lose your home, belongings, possibility of marriage and the fear of your child not surviving?

This is a poignant true story of triumph in the face of unimaginable adversity and somehow this family survives because of the help of strangers.

An enthusiastic couple, JULIA and PETER WOOD, are excited for the birth of their first child. Yet, an emergency c-section unfolds in a chaotic fashion.

Newborn, SAGE WOOD, endures a rare disease – Giant Pigmented Nevus (birthmarks that cover the majority of his body). It is a skin issue: Watch for melanoma. It is also a neurological issue: Watch for developmental delays.

Julia and Peter receive the worst news:  “Sage may not live past a year.”  “There is no known cause.”  “There is no known cure.”

“No known cause” unravels Julia.

She blames herself for Sage’s condition. Julia clings to Peter for stability, but he has nothing to give. This forces Julia to dig in her past and unlock a key to a painful memory.

“No known cure” sets Peter in motion.

Peter is a medical malpractice attorney that relishes in the knowledge of law. It gives him a sense of control. However, the unimaginable circumstances squeeze him. Peter decides to fight the disease, like a courtroom battle; he directs his energy there and neglects his marriage.

In survival mode, Peter and Julia pursue a medical course of action until Hurricane Katrina blows into the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Katrina forces them to flee for shelter. While they scurry to achieve a sense of normalcy, they must make a choice. They can either accept or deny the circumstances . . . During the devastation of Hurricane Katrina . . . During the emotional turmoil of their marriage . . . During the fear of their child not surviving.

A CONCERNED COUPLE watches the news. They decide that they could do more than write a check to Red Cross. This concerned couple moves them to a safe, clean apartment and pursues them. Ten years later, they are still friends.

The theme of love and resilience resonates throughout challenging, yet extraordinary experiences of life. There is triumph in the face of unimaginable adversity!

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