Dear Saving Face Readers,

What does the phrase “saving face” mean? It involves doing something to save one’s reputation to avoid or reduce embarrassment. This weekend, I had an opportunity to act on it. Not just a phrase in theory, but a heart in motion.

Lucas had a friend sleep over. At 12:45 A.M., Lucas and Cooper woke me up. Lucas exclaimed, “Mom, Cooper is sick! He is throwing up!” I jumped up quickly from a deep sleep. My first priority was to take care of Cooper and make sure he feels better. He changed his clothes. Brushed his teeth. Drank some electrolyte drink. Lucas claimed, “The room stinks.” So, I moved the boys in another room with sleeping bags. Cooper added, “I’m feeling better.”

I removed the sheets and threw them in the washer machine. I got my carpet cleaner out and got to work.

Cooper approached me with his big blue eyes and mumbled, “I’m homesick.” And then he threw up. I cleaned him up and called his mom at 2:00 A.M.

I assured him that he did nothing wrong. He can come over anytime to play or for another sleepover. He is sick. That is all. I wanted to reassure him. He understood with a nod.

Dignity must be recognized in another human. YOU are worthy because of WHO you are and Not WHAT you do. I wanted Cooper’s dignity to be maintained – his respect as a human.



I was burning up with fever at the same age of eight. I was embarrassed, because I didn’t want to be an inconvenience. But my friend’s mom handled the situation with grace and compassion. She sat next to me on the bed and sang. She rubbed Vapor’s Rub on my chest and turned on a humidifier. She cared for me. She maintained my dignity.

I recalled the memory in an instant. As I took care of Cooper, the flashback occurred. It was a gentle whisper… a gentle reminder of the grace and compassion that I was shown. Now, I was sharing the same grace and compassion to Cooper.

A few years later, my friend’s mom died of leukemia. But her legacy lives in my heart. Teaching me when I was a young child. Teaching me when I thought I wasn’t aware. But AWARE I was. Impressionable. Dignity maintained.

All those moments… All these moments are preparation. Seeds planted in your garden. Then, the opportunity presents itself. And you get to see those seeds of grace and compassion flourish and bloom into the magnificence of dignity… of saving face.

When was the last time you saved face?

When was the last time you maintained someone’s dignity?

People’s hardships, pain, and suffering are meant for beautiful manifestations of Grace and Compassion. We have all been there.

Have you noticed?

Are you aware?

We really are all the same. May you recognize another’s worth based on WHO they are and not WHAT they do.

Saving Face… My Face Included,