Dear Safeguarding Readers,

Safeguarding involves protecting yourself from harm or damage with appropriate measures.

How do you protect yourself from harm or damage?

What measures do you put in place?

Sickness fell on my family. Pierre and Gabriel got an upper respiratory virus (fever, chills, and lethargy) for seven days. Lucas got diagnosed with bacterial strep throat. And our dog, Drew, came down with a bad case of kennel cough. All this happened on the same week. Yikes!

Lucas pondered, “Mom, you are kissing me and rubbing me, but you are not getting sick. How come?” What an interesting question… out of the mouth of babes.

And these are some of my appropriate measures that I implement:

I meditate.

I take my regular supplements. And I add extra supplements such as liquid Zeolites.

I drink lots of herbal tea and lots of water.

I use essential oils.

I reject any sickness coming into my subconscious and see myself as well.

I focus on my creativity.

I energetically clear the germs from entering my field.

I invite a white, pure, radiant Divine light into my being.

I smudge sage.

I try, yes try, to eat healthy.

I enjoy baths and remove the toxins.

I take naps.

Now I am not foolproof from anything. But I choose to safeguard myself. Just because someone is “contagious” doesn’t mean that you will catch what they have. That’s a belief system that you can buy into or not buy into. I choose the later.

As a child, I was sick constantly. My mom shared, “You were the sickest one out of all my kids.” As an adult, I realized I was absorbing others energy which was not helpful. I was allowing things to come into my energy field which didn’t serve me. I took on others negativity and toxicity. Now, I’m wide awake and I can choose differently. I can say no thank you. I can listen to my body. I can feel my subtle energy. I can shift a whole lot easier.

At the end of the week, I admitted that I was tired. Taking care of four sick ones! Lucas eagerly shared, “That means you are sick!” And I added, “No, it means I’m tired because you woke me up in the night. Gabriel woke me up in the night. And Drew woke me up in the night, hacking incessantly. It means mom needs more sleep.” And truly that is all it was. I knew I couldn’t push or I will be pushed in a corner. That day, I napped. I watched a movie. I took a bath and meditated. I took a Melatonin before bed.” And all was good the next day.

How do you safeguard from sickness? Physically, mentally, emotionally? Remember not all sickness involves fever and a strep throat.

How do you protect yourself from toxic people?

How do you let go?

How do you raise your vibration?

How do you tend to your energy?

How do you shift your perspective from fear to love?

Remember you have choices. You can choose what to buy into or not buy into. You can choose belief systems that compliment your well-being. You can choose to safeguard.