Dear Driving Readers,

Have you experienced road rage before?

I had my boys in the car. I turned a corner only to be met with an aggravated driver behind me. He honked his horn excessively. Then, he pulled on the side of my car, flipping me the bird. When I approached the red light, he was still flipping me the bird.

I responded in this matter, “I offer you peace and love.” In fact, I spoke these words out loud and smiled afterwards. My boys were watching our interaction. I wasn’t responding a certain way because they were in the car. I responded with compassion because that was the desire of my heart.

And I realized that driver was having an awful day. He was projecting his internal reality into his external world as road rage. I felt for him. It had nothing to do with me. It had to do with his internal landscape. He was engaging in unnecessary suffering. My natural response was to offer him peace and love. It was the energy that I emitted back to him, not anger, not flipping him the bird, not more road rage.

Gabriel asked, “What was wrong with him? I replied, “He’s having a bad day. And guess what? It really had nothing to do with me. He hasn’t learned how to self-regulate. It’s a reaction and usually a harsh one.”

Lucas investigated, “Have you ever done that before?” I sat for a moment. And replied, “Honestly no. But have I mumbled under my breath? And honestly, yes.” Is one reaction better than the other? And truthfully, I think the more important issue – how is my heart? Because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. And in this moment, I got to speak the abundance that resided in my heart. I know the battle of the mind. I know the unrest. I know the survival mindset. But I have experienced an inner peace that restored my brokenness. Confusion moved into peace. And I have experienced love for myself.

Have you experienced road rage?

How did you react?

Did you engage it?

How is your heart?

Are you introducing needless suffering?

Have you learned how to self-regulate?

What words come out of your mouth?

Are you experiencing inner peace?

Has love for yourself transformed you?

May you find rest on the highway and off the highway.

All peace and love,