Dear Jean-Lover Readers,

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that you don’t want to get rid of? They may be frayed, some holes, too small, too big, too tight, too long, or too short? But you keep them anyone because they make you feel good. You have good memories.


Well, my great memories began with my grandpa. I was a young girl, and he took me shopping to buy some jeans. I still remember because all of the jeans had FLOWERS on it. We went to Barker’s Department Store. I grabbed a pair with yellow satin tulips on the back pocket; another pair with white lacey flowers on the front pocket; and the last pair had flowers down the legs.

But the fun and interesting piece of the story is that I took forever to come out the fitting room. My grandpa waited outside; but after a while, he was concerned. He asked the saleslady to check on me. Well, I was learning how to tie my shoes at the time. And every time I put a new pair of jeans on, I also put my shoes back on. Quite frankly, it took me a while to tie them. Then, I had to put my jeans on.

It was such a fun experience because my grandpa took me, not my grandma, not my mom, but my grandpa! And of course, he was smitten with me and bought me all three pair of jeans.


I am in college, and my jeans were old. A hole near my booty surfaced. My grandma patched the jeans because I wasn’t ready to get rid of them. I was dating a guy from San Diego. And he uttered these words when he saw me, “You are gaining weight.” I was truly mortified. Usually I’m the lanky one, the skinny one, the rubber band that can go in multiple directions. But the “gaining weight one.” Needless to say, my newly sewn patch on my jeans ripped. And he gave me a disappointing look.


I took a three month break from exercise to write my book, LIFE STORMS: “HURRICANE KATRINA.” I wanted to be laser focused and not scattered and spread thin. Plus, I was allowing my adrenals to recover. Well, I went to put a pair of jeans on and couldn’t button them. I heard the words from my old boyfriend, “You are gaining weight.” And I laughed. Erasing that belief and putting on a new belief. This is what I told myself… “You got another pair of jeans.” That is exactly what I did. I put on another pair and smiled. The panic didn’t set in that something is wrong with me. The ease flowed in that I am beautiful just the way I am… better yet, I chose a new belief system.

When have you made a decision to be “for you” and not “against you?”
When have you decided not to accept another’s criticism of you?
How did you respond when someone tells you that you are gaining weight? You are too fat or too skinny.
Do you have those jeans you don’t want to toss out?

If they are too tight, put another pair on. You are perfect in this present moment just the way you are. You don’t need someone’s opinion to confirm your value. You are worthy in those ripped jeans!