Dear Return to Sender Readers,

Do you realize how much junk mail you receive on a daily basis? We shred it, rip it, throw it away or recycle it. It may be an aggravation, but it is easy to discard.

What about the junk mail that gets in our mind?
Have you evaluated the junk mail in your subconscious mind?
Have you ever checked to see what is yours and what is others?

There is so much swarming around in our subconscious. Ingrained patterns that if unnoticed goes unchecked. And it wreaks havoc in our lives. In those moments, it is easy to blame others, complain about your circumstances, and get stuck – only to wake up and do the same thing over.

Is it insanity or lack of awareness?

There is a lot of junk mail that isn’t ours. We need to do a daily cleaning, a detox to discover what doesn’t belong to us anymore – what isn’t serving us anymore.

I learned as I’m building the bridge from fear to love… I am also building the bridge from the subconscious to the conscious… building a bridge from the physical world to clear mental understanding to the spiritual world. They all correspond with one another.

I have years of other peoples’ belief systems, criticism, complaining that have been planted in my garden. But now, it is no longer unnoticed or unchecked. In fact, I am pulling those roots up.

Let me give you an example. Someone was questioning my faith, judging me. In that moment, the light went off that this was her fear. She was projecting that onto me. I realized it instantly and offered her love instead. Changing her fears to love.

The same goes for another friend. For years, she has given me advice that is of her ego, her insecurities, and her fears. She is projecting me playing small because she is playing small.

Some things are obvious. Some things are subtle. I encourage you to pay attention to the subtle ones. In those aha moments, reject what they are saying instantly because it really is about them, not you. When you make that distinction, you are free!!! The little nuisances and acute sensitivities will not bother you nor hold you back. You can verbally reject it or silently reject it… but reject it. Remember, the subconscious mind cannot reject it. It only accepts it. And we operate 90% with our subconscious mind! Our mind is truly powerful. Once we conquer it, then we can navigate graciously and tenderly.

When someone is attacking you (whether a family member, a good friend, an acquaintance), they are attacking themselves. Watch it and be guard!

Since I am aware of the junk mail, I have returned it to sender. It doesn’t belong with me. It belongs with that person to go on their own healing journey. When the junk mail in your subconscious surfaces, may you be healed with clarity.

Return to Sender… Signed, Sealed, Delivered… It’s Yours!!!


Return to sender,