Dear Resourceful Readers,

Are you resourceful?

Lucas’ peers selected him as exhibiting exemplary “Resourcefulness” character trait. Lucas does an amazing job of using the resources around him to overcome obstacles. Today, we head to his award ceremony. Sssh. He doesn’t know. And I love that about my son because he is coping and creating solutions to problems!


Resourcefulness is defined as the ability and creativity to cope with difficulties. It’s implementing “Life Scripts.” It’s moving beyond “Surviving Life Storms through Thriving Life Scripts.” It’s having coping mechanisms in the calm and in the storm. It’s having solutions every day. It’s not getting stuck but moving through life graciously and effortlessly.

Are you resourceful?

Are you creatively coming up with solutions?

Are you coping with difficulties?

Are you getting stuck in a deep hole, a loop, an ingrained belief?

Do you see the cup half empty or half full?

Are your eyes open?

Are you receiving?

Are you changing perspectives or seeing things the same way?

Are you making a decision?

“Make a decision of what you want, give your attention there, find the feeling place of it — and you’re there instantly. There is no reason for you to suffer or struggle your way to or through anything.” ~ Abraham

It is that simple. You can end suffering and struggling with a decision. You make a decision to feel good, to stay in a high vibration, to raise consciousness, to welcome a new perspective.

How many scenarios do we wobble in? This or that. One foot on the ground and the other across the fence.

How often do we scatter our energies, our time, and our focus?

See, it means getting crystal clear in life with every situation. It’s not something that you implement in certain situations. It’s a character trait. It doesn’t come or go. You embody that character trait. And thankfully, Lucas has embodied Resourcefulness. Did he learn it from me? Did he learn it from our parenting style? Did he pay attention to his environment? Did he learn it in school? Was it in him? And I would say all the above. But that is a question Lucas will have to answer. I’m heading to the award ceremony to celebrate his character. And that is something truly to celebrate! Proud mom with a resourceful boy!