Dear Bathing Suit Beauties,

Are you one that likes to wear a bathing suit, whether it be a bikini or a two-piece? For men, do you prefer board shirts or brief swimsuit? Would you dare wear that speedo or that tiny G-string bikini? Or are you the person that would never be caught dead in one of those bathing suits?! You know who you are. You know what you gravitate towards.

When we first moved to California, I called my bathing suit a whole piece. A friend laughed and called it a two-piece. Then, she elaborated, “Why aren’t you wearing a bikini with that cute figure?” Bikini! Cute figure! See, I am no different than you are – criticizing myself… seeing my imperfections instead of my beauty. Thankfully, I evolved and now know it is a tremendous waste of vital energy.

I took my friend’s advice and ventured to Target. I bought a two-piece bathing suit and jumped in the pool, even though there was an older gentleman gawking with his mouth open wide.
I continued with the bikinis (instead of the whole piece) and traveled to Florida for a girl’s trip. One of my friends took pictures of us at the pool. Yet, the other four woman (myself included) chimed in and belabored the point, “We don’t want these pictures on Facebook.” We were adamant that no one can see our bodies. Wow! What a statement!

How do you feel in your bathing suit?
Do you wear the bikini or the two-piece? Or do you cover up?
Do you allow people to take pictures of you in your bathing suit or do you remove yourself from the picture?
How do you feel when people stare at you when you are in a bathing suit?
Do you exercise like a wild person before you put on your bathing suit?
Do you watch every morsel you put in your mouth before you head to the beach?
Can you let go of the head games and surrender to the joy in the moment?
Do you compare your body to others?
Do you notice others flaws as well as your own?

We are all on this journey. Naked we enter this world. But we have learned to criticize ourselves along the way. The naked turns into covered. The joy turns to fear.

My encouragement to you is to embrace who you are… all of you. You are perfect. Beautifully flawed in every way. Now, go rock your bathing suit!

Beautifully Flawed,