“In psychological terms, Life Scripts are often described as the expectations and beliefs of others that form a script for us to live with and follow. Many people are actors and follow their prescribed script. Some don’t question and don’t change it. When we realize that we are living out a script that was written ‘for us’ and not ‘by us,’ then we can begin writing our own Life Script.

I discarded my old script and wrote a new one. I edited, directed, and created my life with awareness. I became the master of my heart and soul and tossed out all other scripts. A Life Script with beauty, meaning, and understanding.

I got a feeling… ‘To Acknowledge You Feelings.’
I can’t recall anyone teaching me in childhood or adulthood to pay attention my feelings. It was do, do, do. In school. At home. In church. I was taught feelings can mislead you. Feelings can mislead you. Feelings come and feelings go. Don’t trust them!
Was I mislead into a belief system, a conditioning, a paradigm that did not resonate with my core being? An emphatic yes.
I stuffed, hid, and quenched my feelings. I only hurt myself.
What beliefs do you hold that are wrecking our lives?
Doing more damage than good?
When I acknowledged my feelings, a new awareness blew in like fresh air.
Our feelings are our internal guidance system. They teach us if we are on the right path or not. Our feelings are meant to be acknowledged, expressed, felt.
They lead you and guide you into the beauty of fullness.
How do you feel on a daily basis?
In your mind? In your body? In your heart? In your soul?
How do you feel?”
~ Excerpt from Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina

And that is how I rewrote, redirected, and recreated my Life Scripts with beauty, meaning and understanding. You have that same power precious one. You are stronger than you realize. You have the confidence and the tools. May you start today. Remember, you are never too late. You are right on time to begin your life anew; and it begins with awareness and making a decision. God is for you. You can be for you too. I am for you and realize your life is about to make a beautiful, transformational journey.

Go for it!

Master of my heart and soul,