Dear Travelling Readers,

Are you ready to go on a vacation? How about to Hawaii for a family vacation? How about to Big Sur for a long weekend? How about across the Mediterranean Sea to Greece? How about for an inspirational conference such as The Longevity Now Conference? I’m sure most of you would say yes. Sign me up. Who wouldn’t want a vacation? Right?

Before each vacation, I became aware that I stress out. Feeling overwhelmed brings on stress. Am I going to get everything done? Am I going to forget something? I pack for myself… but, what about packing for the kids? I need to make sure bills are paid. E-mails are sent out. Vitamins are in their nifty container. I can’t forget my journal, calendar, books, and laptop. But then there is the coordination of outfits and matching jewelry.

If the boys stay home, I need to hire a babysitter and make sure the boys are tended to. Gabriel informed me that one babysitter yelled at him and watched TV the whole time. I got the phone call. Big tears and sniffles on the other line. Gabriel expressed, “Mom and dad, when are you coming home?”

I work myself up a few days before the trip that I’m already ready to cancel the vacation! Yikes!

But I shifted! Thankfully!

We were heading out of town. Usually, I clean the house, change the sheets, and clean the fridge. A clean house when we return. But this time, I did none of the above. Pierre said a few times, “When are you going to pack? It’s 6 p.m. and you haven’t even started?” I was in Zen-land, trying to stay in a meditative place. I packed in 10 minutes! No stress!

How much do you stress out before you head out of town?
How much wasted energy is directed on getting out of town?
Can you shift? Can you stay in a meditative place, happy Zen-land as you head out of town?
Can you make the exit and the return an enjoyable experience?

May you stop and ponder your M.O. when you head out of town. If you do not feel stress, then continue relaxing in Zen-land. And please share your de-stressing travel thoughts. If you do stress, how you can change and make it a pleasurable one? What can you let go of that is not serving you in this pre and post travelling experience?

Travelling and Relaxing,