Dear Interested Readers,

My husband made a comment that I reminded him of someone. The comment was not spoken as encouragement but as criticism. I felt his energy and intention. A put down.

But I reached higher and gained a different perspective.

I thought of all the wonderful qualities of the person. Very loving. Compassionate. Kind. Gentle. Big heart. Good energy.

Now this person may not have been fed the starving children on the streets of Calcutta. They may not have been the first person to walk on the moon. They may not have won a Nobel Peace Prize or found the cure for cancer. But their legacy was one of love and compassion.

All too often we are quick to judge one another. “They don’t have an education.” “They never married.” “They don’t know anything about kids because they don’t have kids.”

And if we focus on only those qualities, we come up short-changed because we miss the whole beauty of the person.

Just because someone lives simple, not small, doesn’t make them less of a person. Guess what? They helped collective consciousness. They maintained a high vibration of love, peace and joy. Their high vibration not only helps them, but it helps you. There is a ripple effect. The world needs more compassionate people, not intellectual people. The world needs more loving people, not judgmental people. The world needs more kinder people, not critical people.

In every moment, we get to reach for a higher thought. We get to maintain our vibration. We get to choose our alignment.

Now, I could have aligned with my husband’s remark. Instead, I aligned with God’s remarks . . . How he sees me. How He made me. How he loves me. How He forgives me.

I directed my focus and intention on the very person and thanked them for instilling so much love, compassion, gentleness, and kindness in me. If that is what it takes for my husband to see me, then I am thankful to be part of the whole. Not separate. But part of the Divine essence that lives in me and lives in you.

Reaching higher,