Dear Conscious Readers,

You are raising consciousness. Don’t downplay your healthy and life-giving thoughts, feelings, behaviors that are changing. In every moment, you get to choose. As you choose wisely, consciously, energetically, and vibrationally, you feel great. And when you feel great, you are vibrating at a higher frequency. What you are emitting goes out into the world!

Let’s discuss some things that raise consciousness. No act is too small or too big.


You choose to be loving instead of right.

You forgive yourself.

You let go of negative people.

You implement boundaries.

You practice imperative self-care.

You believe in yourself.

You shift perceptions.

You make love.

You adopt a child.

You support a charity.

You are in this present moment.

You respond compassionately, not harshly.

You release guilt, shame, fear and embrace grace, love, and compassion.

You say no.

You bridge the gap from brokenness into wholeness.

You listen to music.

You smell the roses.

You dance a lot.

You approve of yourself.

You listen to your inner voice.

You become fearlessly authentic.

You heal the past, accept the present, and welcome the future.

You enjoy healthy, organic food.

You support local farmers.

You plant a tree.

You drink alkaline water.

You use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.

You recycle.

You buy clothes and jewelry from women in Uganda.

You remove yourself from toxic relationships.

You choose your friends wisely.

You break free from self-limiting beliefs.

You mentor a child.

You share your story.

You rewrite your story.

You pray for someone.

You set an intention for your life.

You hold your alignment when others are out of alignment.

You let go of attachments.

You unlearn to learn anew.

You become the change you want to see.

You release expectations and needless suffering.

You love without conditions.

You become an avid learner.

You experience joy daily.

You know the signs of the ego’s sabotage and welcome the signs of spirit’s strength.

You watch an enlightening movie.

You read a great book.

You welcome different perspectives.

You make a neighbor a meal.

You listen to the sensations in your body.

You listen more and talk less.

You trust your intuition.

You allow your feelings to become your guide.

You reduce the carbon footprint.

You eat more fruit and veggies, and reduce sugar intake.

You incorporate superfoods.

You walk in nature.

You silence the inner critic.

You gaze in the mirror and get in touch with your soul.

You practice healthy self-talk.

You meditate and welcome the inner peace and insights.

You cry, and you laugh.

You release the pain in your body.

You open your heart and soul to animals.

You pick up trash off the street and off the beach.

You heal from the sexual abuse.

You embrace your shadows.

You cook yummy homemade meals.

You support a ministry.

You attend a mission’s trip.

You give, and you receive.

You support the troops.

You vote.

You plant a garden.

You water a garden.

You become a spiritual seeker.

You feed the homeless.

You hug your kids more.

You put down your phone.

You read to your kids longer.

You rewrite, redirect, and recreate  your Life Scripts.

You practice gratitude.

You add some needed vitamins to your regimen.

You create your sacred space.

You practice pranayama.

You are mindful.

You let go of that bitterness that diminished your sweetness.

Some things are internal experiences. Some things are external experiences.

But guess what?

What other ways can you raise consciousness?

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list. It continues to expand. To expanding, to raising consciousness, to you!

Raising consciousness,