Dear Duck Lovers,

The other day, I drove home and this cute duck crossed the street. Now, I don’t see ducks everyday crossing the street. But I was paying attention. Since I am curious, I decided to look up the meaning of a duck.

In Animal-Speak Pocket Guide by Ted Andrews, duck signifies emotions soothed. “Seek out emotional comfort and protection. Stay in comfortable environment. Difficulties will be easily handled.” Interesting.

Later, I meditated and the duck came with me in my meditation. It wasn’t planned. It just happened. And I kept receiving the message… trust your intuition as you move through life gracefully.

I Googled the symbolism of duck further. And I discovered, “You are being asked to take notice of your surroundings because a new opportunity is now being offered to you. She is reminding you that in order to succeed with this opportunity you will have to move forward swiftly so that your new ideas can take flight. Duck is making it very clear that in order to be successful with your goals you have to move now! Alternatively Duck may be reminding you that today is a day that you should spend exploring your emotions. Use her energy to see your own feelings clearly and to navigate your way through them so that they can be released. Use affirmations and gratitude to clear the way.”

Duck is associated with water (emotions) and emotional strength. Her energy emits keen awareness and strong intuition. She is symbolic of knowing. A duck is graceful on water, navigating life experiences gracefully. She expresses clearly. A duck is a spirit helper and offers a timely message… Be in the moment. She comes on your path to provide emotional protection and comfort.

It was as if she crossed my path to deliver me a message. Thankfully, I was aware and curious. And I received her energy, her strength, her intuition, her grace, her comfort.

I was gently reminded how I was drawn to the chrysanthemum stone. The chrysanthemum encourages you to be open and bloom in this present moment. And it gives you courage to live your dreams. This stone and the duck are gentle reminders.

We are never alone.

Are you aware?

Are you curious?

Are you open?

Are you receiving?

Do you feel the support of the universe?

May you open your eyes and heart to the richness of your life experiences. It is so grand.

Duck blessings,