Dear Rose Lovers,

Roses are Lucas’s favorite flower. He delights in them. I love white, yellow, peach, and pink roses. We went to the store, and the roses caught my eye. It wasn’t a bouquet of a singular color but a bouquet of different colors. It was the variety that caught my eye. A splash of color. I asked Lucas to pick out a bouquet, and he gladly did.

I proudly displayed them in a vase on the kitchen counter.

Pierre noticed them. He suggested, “It’s nice to buy flowers for yourself. But it’s nicer when someone else buys them as a gift.” Lucas smiled and added, “Mom, bought them for me.” I saw the twinkle in his eyes. Lucas knows my favorite flower is a sunflower; yet his favorite flower is a rose. The roses caught my eye. But the roses captured Lucas’s heart. I bought roses for my seven-year-old, and he was truly thrilled by the simple act of love.

Now, I want to dig a little deeper with Pierre’s comment. Yes, it is lovely when someone gives flowers as a gift. In this case, I was the giver, and Lucas was the receiver. But sometimes, it is great to buys flowers for yourself. No agenda but pure joy. You buy flowers because of the way they make you feel. You feel good. You feel joy. You experience sweetness. You delight in memories.

I visually use a rose to define and protect myself. I call upon my power within my energy field. I call upon courage, love, worthiness, inner knowing, and a solid footing. And it’s a simple protection rose that oscillates around my energy field protecting me with grace and mercy. I’m not out there. I’m here, defined in space and time with boundaries of knowing where I begin and where I end.

It’s my sanctuary where I am protecting. I taught Gabriel how to use this tool, and he said that he had the best day ever.

When was the last time that you bought flowers for yourself?

When was the last time someone gave you flowers as a gift?

Have you ever bought flowers for a child? If so, how did they feel? If not, why not try it as a simple act of love?

How do flowers make you feel?

Have you defined and protected yourself visually using a rose?

We are all growing and evolving. Flowers teach us to open and expend. May you open up like a flower and receive the warmth and nurturing.

Protection Rose Lover,