Dear Curious Readers,

Have you been pricked, poked and prodded? You may be wondering what am I talking about.

I scheduled a nerve conduction test at a neurologist’s office. I was experiencing tingling in my hands and feet. Could I possibly have a pinched nerve or maybe carpal tunnel syndrome? Hmm. Interesting. What I discovered is I had a limiting belief!

Time for the test…

An electrical current signaled to certain nerves. On some nerves, it was a quick shock while on others, it was a series of shocks. As I laid there, I thought to myself . . . I signed up for this test.

I decided to switch the channel. I took my focus off the test and placed my focus on meditation and breathing.


I was a little girl squirming and screaming as the harsh doctor poked in my ears. I had ear infections and needed tubes. He yelled at my mom, “Hold her down!”

My mom shared, “Jennifer, you were my sickest child. You were clingy and wanted to be held.”

Present Day…

The physician assistant echoes, “Everything is normal.”

Time for Receiving…

And the angelic guidance came in like a gentle whisper. “Jennifer, nothing is wrong with you. Nothing was wrong with you. You were told you were ‘sick’ from doctors and family members. And it caused a self-limiting belief in you. You think you are sick and you go to doctors for answers. You attracted much in your life from this belief system. But you are healed. No longer will you carry this subconscious belief. It’s been brought to your awareness, and you can release it today.”

The physician assistant continued the second part of the test with pricking me with needles. But I already received the answer. I don’t have carpal tunnel or a pinched nerve. As you awaken, you experience tingling.

How many beliefs are holding you back from experiencing well-being?

How many beliefs are held in your subconscious, not allowing you from experiencing well-being?

Haven’t you been pricked, poked, and prodded long enough?

Can you release these self-limiting beliefs and walk in wholeness?

Are you in a willing position of receiving guidance and well-being?

Pricked, poked, and prodded long enough. I’ve been set free one belief at a time. Have you?

Thankfully waking up,