Dear Picture Lovers,

How do you pick pictures of yourself? Are you drawn to your smile, the energy, the light? Do you like the way your hair looks? How about your outfit? Do you hold your head up so you don’t have that double chin? Does the angle make you look trim or does it add a few pounds?

Oh, the critic can come out when we take pictures! We can be super-critical with ourselves when we are in a photo. And we live in a world of selfies. But at least we can go over the images and trash the ones that we don’t like. Or we get frustrated when a friend posted “that” picture when we liked the “other” picture.

What’s interesting is that we took some family photos on the cruise. When it was time to examine the images, it was easy to remove the “obvious” pictures that didn’t work. The goofy face. The bugged eyes. The halfway closed eyes. But what is really interesting is that your eye is naturally drawn to your own image first. And everyone does that without mentioning it or realizing it. Just watch when you take a picture in a group. And see where your eye naturally falls.

When it was time to pick the images, Pierre selected the ones that he liked of himself and I selected the image that I liked of myself. And guess what? They were different because he was focusing on him and I was focusing on me. And in the end, we had to compromise and “pick a picture please.”

Pierre and Jen 1

Now the boys are less critical and said yes to any and every picture of themselves. It didn’t matter how silly or how goofy or how anything. Just that they saw themselves in a photo. Their inner critic didn’t wave its red flag. It didn’t kick or scream and have a temper tantrum or demand I want “this” one.

Jen and Boys

Pierre and boys

Can adults learn from children?

Can we go with the flow?

Can we let go of the inner critic?

Can we let go of the picture perfect?

Can we have fun with the silly face or goofy face?

Can we pick a picture please?

Next time you take a picture may you have the eyes of a child – gentle, loving, compassionate and fun.




Pierre Princess

And may you pick a picture please… even if it means saying yes to all of them.

Picking pictures,