Dear Pitching Readers,

And I am not talking in baseball terms . . . as the pitcher throws the baseball from the pitcher’s mound toward the catcher to begin each play. I am talking in screenplay terms . . . when you sit across executives of production companies and distribution companies, managers, agents, producers, financiers and deliver the art form summation of your screenplay.

I am attending the Great American Pitchfest this weekend in Burbank. There will be 100 to 120 companies to pitch too, based on your screenplay genre and their interest. So, you don’t pitch a comedy to company that wants a horror script. You have five minutes to pitch, but a lot can happen in those five minutes. You emphasize certain elements… hook, high concept, characters, plot, concept, etc.

I’m pitching my newest screenplay, GOLD JOURNAL, along with four others in the can. And I am super excited. I’m prepared and ready for action!

In fact, I decided to pitch to my son, Lucas (8). I thought he would listen and say that’s good mom. But I was utterly amazed.

Lucas listened intently. He processed quickly. His body language moved passionately.

And then he spoke… for a half hour! I took notes front and back. He was in flow. I was in flow. There was no barriers of mom/child or age. Something magical happened as we connected. We were co-creating!!!

Lucas shared, “Your words are so powerful. Cut that. Emphasize this. Don’t give it away. Spoiler alert. But tease them and leave them hungry for more.” WOW!

He elaborated on hooks, delivery, voice, and emotions. And he understood my screenplay effortlessly and visually imagined it. He said, “My mind was playing movie images as you pitched.”

I showed him my one-sheets, and he loved me in colors of purple, blue, green.

I wanted to encourage him that he helped me. He gave such sound wisdom as we collaborated. I shared, “Lucas, thank you. You helped me a lot.” He smiled, looked down, and nodded.

And then, I tucked him in bed.

But this night was different.

He went to sleep knowing what I am doing in my office, typing away! And that my friends is priceless.

Now, I am attending the Great American Pitchfest with the universe on my side. I set my intention. I trust the process. And I look forward with anticipation and appreciation of my dream unfolding… My scripts to be made into Oscar winner movies. And so it is!

Leaving them hungry,