Dear Coaching Readers,

Children have innate wisdom. Sometimes we need to slow down and listen to them. They are spiritual beings tapped into a beautiful frequency.

When I wrote my book Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina, Gabriel suggested that whoever I work with – make sure they are kind to me. Gabriel wanted it to be an enjoyable process, and he knew the secret ingredient… kindness.

My book arrived. It was time to see the book in print. Gabriel came home from school and saw my book on the kitchen counter. He picked it up and said, “It feels really good… The energy in here.”

I asked him if he wanted to read it. He commented, “I lived it.” Now, he heard that comment from my husband. Monkey see. Monkey do.

Six months later, I asked Gabriel if he would like to read it. He was ready. I felt it in my spirit. And he said, “Yes.” I waited until he was almost finished. As I walked in his room, he was ferociously turning the pages. He shut the book when I walked in his room. I sat on his bed and asked, “What did you think?” He shared, “It was really nice mom. As I read it, I saw it as a movie. This is more than a book. This is a movie. That’s how it read. Very visual.” I questioned, “Was it too much?” In other words, was it too much for Gabriel? Was it too much reading about his life? Was it too much reading about his mom’s life? Was it too much reading and seeing pictures of his surgery?” He assured, “Not at all.”

I gently recalled that I am building this family on a strong foundation of love, light, peace, truth, transparency. My children can ask me anything, and I can ask them anything. An open book writing chapters together and individually.

A few week later, Gabriel asked, “What are you working on now?” I mentioned a screenplay. He said, “Mom, you are not done with the book project. It’s meant to be a movie. You put a lot of time and effort in it. It’s too important.” Gabriel has read some of my screenplays and my book. I asked, “Do you think that I am a better screenwriter or book writer?” Gabriel suggested. “Your book is basically a screenplay.”

Out of the mouth of babes.

Tap into children… yours or others. They have wisdom. There are no hindrances. They can access their guidance easily. We need to pay attention.