Dear Ahh Inspiring Readers,

I got hit with an insight the other night. I went “ouch.” But as the energy shifted into sweet surrender. I expressed, “Ahh.”

I held a belief of rejection and abandonment. God said, “Jennifer, it’s time to pull this weed from your garden. You get triggered by this one belief you didn’t even know you held. The belief of rejection and abandonment.” Wow!

I sat with it for an hour. As the movie played, the images played over my entire life span. I breathed and released.

See our conscious mind has the ability to accept or reject things. However, our subconscious mind can only accept. It cannot reject. That is truly powerful! Because we use 10% of our conscious mind and 90% of subconscious mind. Do you realize how much is in that murky water of the subconscious? It’s time for awareness, consciousness, insight, revelation. And God impresses His perfect timing… when we are ready to see a pattern and let go of this damn thing that isn’t serving our very well-being.

This abandonment and rejection cycle played over and over throughout my years… WITHOUT MY AWARENESS. I was not aware that I held this belief.

But by having this belief, guess what? I’m attracting the same conditions, circumstances, and people that have the same belief. My mind has this belief. And it seeks evidence to support it. No different than a courtroom scene where a judge finds the defendant “guilty!” I’ve been the prisoner. I’ve been the guilty one by a false belief rooted in my subconscious mind.

I went deeper… since our internal reality is projected in our external reality.

I went in the murky waters!

What did I reject about myself?

What did I abandon in myself?

I rejected my worth.

I rejected my value.

I rejected my feelings. Suppressed them. Quenched them. Denied them.

I abandoned my alignment with God, Source, and Energy.

I abandoned my voice, communicating effectively in those uncomfortable moments.

I abandoned my knowingness… my beingness.

I abandoned the characteristics of the divine – love, joy, peace. I tried to get it from another. Or give it to another. And the more I did, the harder life became.

I no longer hold this belief of rejection and abandonment.

God never rejected me and He never will!
God never abandoned me and He never will!

The storms have come. The doubt increased. The dam broke open.

I am loved. I am held.

My identity and stability remains with God and God only.

I release this belief. I asked it to be rooted from me forever. And I thank God for the awareness.

Rejection and abandonment are nothing more than evidence of fear.

There is nothing to fear in this external world.

There is only the embrace of the divine in this internal world.

As I undressed in the old belief of rejection and abandonment, I clothed myself in the new belief of connection and acceptance.

I breathed. Lightness flooded in me. This is how God sees us. This is what He desires. More of him and less of us. Less of the chatter. Less of the lies. Less of the unworthiness.

Connection and acceptance is love. And God is love. He said, “Jennifer, you are clothed with the divine. Connection, acceptance, and love were always there. I just needed you to awaken to receive this new reality.”

I wept. I offered praise and thankfulness for a gracious God.

What beliefs do you have that don’t serve you? If you don’t know, God knows. Ask him. Come to him.

What have you rejected about yourself?

What have you abandoned in yourself?

Go deep. As deep calls into deep. Dare to go in those murky waters. Be brave. This journey is about you. It was always about you. The divine delights in you. He beckons you to come. He wants to release you.

Ouch to Ahh! It’s worth it. You are worth it.

Hugs & Kisses,