Dear Oscar Viewers and Screenwriting Lovers,

I wrote my first screenplay in 1999. I recalled that I did an angel meditation that day. I picked up a pen and paper, and the writing process began.

I always loved writing. At the age of 15, I penned, Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Is My Purpose? And truthfully, I didn’t discovered those answers till a few years ago.

In high school and college, my love for literature was immense. I was always drawn to learning, reading and writing.

In college, I enrolled in pre-med and immediately knew that I didn’t want to become a doctor. I attended Loyola College of Law and immediately knew I didn’t want to become a lawyer.

On my journey, I’ve always come back to writing. It where I feel free to express and be authentically me. It’s my spiritual discipline.

My first screenplay, SAVING GRACE, was a trial run. It was building my confidence to know I can do it. And I continued with FINGERPRINTS OF GOD and others.

I enrolled in some screenwriting courses and purchased some screenwriting books. Time to get serious.

I wrote SLAVE and changed the name to UNFORESEEN. Logline reads, “A convicted killer’s innate will to survive intensifies as he takes an older but feisty woman hostage in her own home… only to discover kindness and love.” I loved writing this because it’s such a powerful drama!

I was drawn to drama, but it was time to write a comedy. I wrote NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION (originally NEW YEAR’S SWITCH). Logline conveys, “When six inebriated friends play a resolution game on New Year’s Eve, unexpected scenarios enter their lives for the next twelve months in this gut-busting adventure with heart and soul.” And I had a blast writing this!

LIFE STORMS is my true story. There were lots of tears when I wrote this one. “A heartbroken mom blames herself for the birth of her son’s rare disease and her resistant husband emotionally departs from their marriage as Hurricane Katrina wreaks havoc… unraveling another Life Storms.” This was extremely transformational.

My attempt at TV included SAM CARES. “By reflecting on current issues, a passionate boy blazes a trail for change in his community.” It is based on the wisdom and curiously of my son, Gabriel. Sam is an inspired thinker, curious old soul, passionate, veracious, avid reader, and precocious. And he’s only 11. A TED Talks character that inspires change by speaking about current and relevant issues in a contemporary way. As Sam reflects, he blazes a trail in his community, school, and family.

So every Oscar season, I nestle on my couch. For me, the Oscars is the Super Bowl… for all the sport lovers. Of course, I admire the dresses on the red carpet. But I also admire the cinematography, directing, picture, acting, makeup, music, sound effects. And of course screenwriting. I love using my imagination and creating a story. This year, SPOTLIGHT won best screenplay and THE BIG SHORT won best adapted screenplay. I remember sitting on my couch in 1997 and watching GOOD WILL HUNTING. I silently said “I can do that.” I knew there was a reservoir of life experiences in me. Two years later, I began the screenwriting process. And later became an inspirational blogger and a published author of Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.

And what I have learned on this journey…

My husband bought me a mini Oscar and put it on my desk as encouragement. I will keep dreaming, keep writing, keep believing because I am never too late to follow my passion, my bliss, my intuition.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you when there were only walls. ” ~ Joseph Campbell

Oscar and screenwriter lover,