Dear Exercising Readers,

If someone shared, “Don’t exercise and gain 10 pounds,” would you sign up for the program?

Well, my spiritual coach gave me those exact orders. I really should rename “orders” to “guidance”… it’s a gentler approach.

My vital energy was spent. I had no reserve. My adrenals have been taxed. Pierre was in Louisiana, and I was raising the boys and a dog in California. And it was time to write my book, Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.

I eat constantly but the weight doesn’t stay on due to stress. My spiritual coach asked, “Are you stressed when you eat? Are you standing when you eat?” Hmm. I knew what he was getting at… Mindfulness. And I realize how much I eat on the go, standing in the kitchen, driving in the car, eating at my desk… Or rushing the kids to school or the kids asking me to get them another item when I already got up 5 times from the table. Basically, he was asking me to be mindful. Eat with love. Don’t eat when I am stressed. Chew every bite slowly. And I started savoring the moments instead of acting like eating was another thing to check off my to-do list. I started eating outside in nature. I always pray before I eat. It wasn’t just to be thankful for the bounty but to use this food to energize me, to love me, to heal me. I became an intuitive eater, listening to the sensations of my body.

Next was the exercise. No getting my heart rate up. No walking the dog up and down the trail. No trips to the YMCA. Butt in chair to write the book. I didn’t look at exercise to just lose weight. It’s a stress-reliever. What the hell was I going to do? Breathe. I learned how to breathe deeply and mediate more. Those practices I still kept up… thankfully!!!

Gain 10 pounds… I stopped getting on a scale 3 years ago – 2012 to be exact. It’s a waste of energy. And I am more than a number on a scale or more than a number in my age. When I go to the doctor, I get on the scale. Sometimes, I am down… stress. Sometimes, I am in a healthy range… content. Well, the book process began in January and I released it on August 12 – my birthday. And guess what? It was time to go for my annual. I jumped on the scale and gained 10 pounds.

I listened to someone teaching me how to love myself when I didn’t love myself. I can listen to the demands of the ego and push myself to adrenal exhaustion, burnout, anger, overwhelment. I learned a different way to be… gentler, kinder, compassionate, intuitive.

“Overwhelment is about you not being up to speed with what you told the Universe that you want. The Universe is yielding to you. You’re just not ready to receive it right now.” ~ Abraham

Are you ready to receive it now? I AM!

Loving myself again,