Dear Opportunity Lovers,

How are you doing on this growth cycle? Are you seeing the patterns in your life? Are you experiencing opportunities for growth?

Now, we have formed many concepts that STOP OUR GROWTH. We have given it a language.

Carl Jung and mythology described this archetype of the saboteur.

Christianity calls it the enemy or Satan.

Sigmund Freud named this part of the psyche as the ego.

Popular psychology refers to it as the voice of the inner critic.

Law of attraction states the energy of resistance.

New age implies karma.

Whatever the language is, the result is the same . . .  an obstacle I have created and you have created individually AND we have created collectively.

We dim our light! We play small, stuck, suffer, sabotage, shame, suffocate ourselves and stop our growth with fear. Our lives become limited. Yet, deep within there is a voice of truth that tugs at your heart and soul. It is teaching you, guiding you, protecting you to turn over that rock and that rock and this rock. When you turn over rocks of obstacles, eventually there are no more rocks to turn over.

Joseph Campbell said this so eloquently. “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” The cave is your fear and the languages of obstacles . . .  saboteur, enemy, ego, resistance, inner critic, karma, fear, limitations. The treasure is your growth and the language of opportunities . . . freedom, authenticity, growth, joy, contentment, acceptance, compassion, love, forgiveness, inner peace. And the “you” takes your power back!

Our power comes from love. We co-create with the mighty Creator, Universe, God Source by saying yes to our lives. We become empowered by living authentically, standing firmly in our true nature, and speaking our truth compassionately and lovingly.

What are you resisting?

Where is the enemy of doubt causing confusion?

What limitations are you placing on your path?

What lessons are repeating?

Are you listening to the ego’s voice of victim, blame, judgment, complaints?

Are you aware of the saboteur patterns?

You can move forward in life with grace effectively, effortlessly, and exponentially. May you turn over every rock on your path until there are no more rocks. All there was, is, and will be are opportunities for growth!

Moving with grace,