Dear Open Readers,

I picked up the boys. They had a session with Shelley Rike at Heart Beat Groove Alchemy. Tipi time for these little men. After, Lucas had swim lessons at 5:30 p.m. And time to come home and get dinner ready.

Gabriel asked, “Mom, what time will we be done?” I replied, “6 p.m.” He said, “Good. We need to go to the store and buy me a seventies outfit. I need to wear it tomorrow for school. It’s seventies day, and we are going bowling.” Lucas chimed in, “Mom, we have open house at six tonight.” I shared, “Open house is for new students visiting the school to see if it is a good fit.” Lucas elaborated,“No mom. It’s to pick up all my artwork.” I texted a friend, and Kelly was in agreement with Lucas.

Okay. Hold the phone. Pulled in too many directions at short notice. I was still in my workout clothes even though I didn’t workout. Huh! Well, at least I had good intentions.

It was a good thing that we had Shelley because she had a seventies wig for Gabriel. Check one.

I ran home to change. Lucas said, “Mom, you look fine. You don’t need to change or put on my makeup.” I smiled. It was a sweet suggestion. Translation: Don’t Stress!

We made it to swim lessons. Lucas showered. Check two.

We made it to school at 6:15 p.m. Lucas was thrilled to show me all his work. His eyes were lit. Check three.

I wasn’t going to exercise tonight. Check off!

I suggested, “Lucas, you had a wonderful school year. Let’s go out to dinner.” Lucas and I are the adventurous ones that like to try new things and have different experiences. Tonight, he was too tired to select. So, I chose the restaurant. I texted Pierre and Gabriel, and they met us there.

Sometimes you have plans for one thing. But sometimes things unfold magically (Click to Tweet). It may not be on your list. But in the moment, you go with the flow and experience the richness and fullness of the day… in this case, the evening.

How open are you?

Do you go with the flow?

Can you let go?

Can you re-shift?

Can you say to YES to the richness and fullness of the day?

I am growing. I am shifting. I am open. It is beautiful to witness as I embody all of the new me!

An Open House… An Open Vessel,

Photo Credit: Lucas Gremillion