Dear Discovering Readers,

“On my road of discovery, I learned many things about myself and my character.

I love transparency.

I love connection.

I see solutions.

I love to dance.

I play music constantly.

I love nature and walking my dog.

I love the vastness of the ocean and the brilliance of a sunset.

I love to lie in the grass and feel the nurturing vibrations of the earth.

I love my boys’ wisdom and insights. They have become my great teachers.

I love my husband’s patience.

I love people’s soul journeys. A place of returning to Source, Energy, Being, God.

No longer was I this little girl or young woman, unsure and unsettled, with the weight of other people’s beliefs. I am a fearless and courageous woman that weathered many storms in life: the richness, the vastness, the depth, the intensity, and now the stability. I am safe, loving, loved, balanced, whole, creative, inspirational, strong, powerful, aware, and healed. I am a passionate and enthusiastic woman full of eagerness and willingness, loving and generous, giving and now finally receiving, practical and spiritual.” ~Excerpt from Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina

What have you discovered on your journey?

Are you appreciating your journey?

Are you recognizing the synchronicities?

Are you recognizing the tremendous growth?

Are you paying attention?

Are certain lessons repeating itself?

Are you sharing your wisdom?

Have you dug in the treasure box?

Are you seeing the beauty in the pain, suffering and chaos and seeing the beauty in the joy, celebration and order?

Are you discovering you… letting go of the externals and welcoming the inward journey?

Remember you are exploring, discovering, learning and growing as you return home. This is your unfolding path. This is your amazing journey. This is your great adventure. And guess what? It’s all good!