Dear Balanced Readers,

How do you stay balanced? Do you realize when you are off balance? I know immediately.

For me, I get off balanced if I over-schedule my day, and I’m on the go. I become the doer instead of the being. Now, I am not over-scheduling my day with awful things. I am over-scheduling my day with too much that it doesn’t allow me the space to practice imperative self-care or practice spiritual disciplines. And who is accountable for it? Me of course.

Some of my spiritual disciplines include gratitude, grounding, setting my intention, meditating, visualizing, and breathing. And writing for me is my biggest spiritual discipline. I need time to reflect, create, and write. It truly helps my day go better. It centers me.

In every moment, you get to choose. You have choices. And there lies your power.

The other night, Lucas shared, “Mom, you seemed stressed.” And he nailed it. It was a busy day of bringing my husband to the airport. Getting him out the house. Straightening the house. My dog got sick and it was not a pretty site on my carpet in three different rooms. (Time for hardwood floors. That’s another story.) Running the kids to school and appointments. Running to a workshop. Fixing my watch. Running to the gas station and the grocery store. Cooking, cleaning, and time for homework. And that is when Lucas noticed that I was stressed. Gabriel agreed. They could feel my energy of go, go, go.

Research shows in the first five minutes of you morning determines the rest of your day. Those five minutes are truly important. They have power to keep you on balance or off balance.

How do you rise in the morning?

What practices do you implement when you awake?

Do you know when you are off balance?

Can you feel it, identify it, and make the necessary changes?

For me, breathing helps. Breathe in positivity and exhale negativity. It shifts the energy. Holding my heart also recenters me. I can feel my rhythm again.

When you have days that you are off balance, please know that it’s temporary. Try not to judge harshly, vent, blame, or criticize. Get back up the next day. Or even better get back up in that moment. You have the tools. Tap into what works for you.