Dear Napping Readers,

Do you nap? Or do you think naps are for little ones and the elderly?

Well, naps do not come with age restrictions. And they are very important.

When you have an obsessive thought and you can’t stop looping, you can meditate or nap. It slows down the momentum of those obsessive thoughts.

Also, if you are processing and healing, naps are important. They allow you to digest the medicine and wisdom; so you can brilliantly heal.

When the kids are fighting and you reach your limit, you can grab another cup of coffee, heighten cortisol levels, and tax your adrenals. Or you can go take a nap. I tried both and can say the naps are honestly better.

Naps are imperative self-care. If I listen to the subtle cues of my body, I nap. Sometimes once a day with a longer nap. Sometimes twice a day with two 15-minute naps. And some days, I do not need a nap.

My little one, Lucas, cannot believe I can nap in 15-minutes. But I do. I power nap with my Yoga station on Pandora or I listen to a meditation from Esther Hicks. I just want to power down and get recharged.

Our bodies are speaking to us all day long. We possess innate wisdom that comes from listening and paying attention. The subtle cues from your body will guide you towards things that are healthy for you. And your body will let you know when you are off track… if you would just listen.

Now, you can go on autopilot and say, “I don’t have time for naps. I don’t have time for meditation. I don’t have time… you fill in the blank.” But we are all given the same amount of time. It is what we do with the time that is important. It is how we use the time that is important.

When was the last time you took a nap?

Do you make time for naps?

Do you recognize naps are imperative self-care?

Are you practicing an old belief…? “I don’t have time for naps.”

You raise consciousness when you nap. You receive better intuition and inspiration when you nap. (Click to Tweet) You are fully charged to get back in the game or back in the adventure of life when you are fully present. Do yourself a favor and take a nap today. You will be fully present to enjoy the day and evening full of intuition and inspiration.

It’s drizzling today. Definitely a nap day.

napping-with-drewTook a nap with my buddy