Dear Sensitive Readers,

When we moved to California, we experienced our first earthquake. It was on a Sunday but not any Sunday. Easter Sunday. I was upstairs on my computer. Pierre and Gabriel were downstairs in the kitchen. And then, we felt the earthquake. The shower doors rattled. Our chandelier swung. And Pierre yelled, “What is it?” I replied, “An earthquake.” I have never experienced one but instinctively knew what it was.

The other night, we were asleep. The bed shook. Pierre questioned, “Why is the bed shaking?” I was in a deep sleep. I responded, “An earthquake.” And I went back to sleep.

Pierre checked his computer in the morning. He shared, “A 5.2 magnitude earthquake jolted Southern California. It occurred 13 miles from Borrego Springs, east of San Diego County.”

Some people are sensitive to different energies. They can feel things, sense things, know things . . . as if they already experienced them.

As a child, I walked home from school in flood waters.

I lived through hurricane season, each June 1st to November 30th.

I survived Hurricane Katrina and gleamed beauty, wisdom, and understanding that comes through loss and gain.

I learned to weather the storms, the uncertainties, in life.

Natural disasters get our attention. They set us on a different course. They connect us with others. They deepen our connection with Source. They become times of awe and times of desperation. They are humbling experiences. You become the receiver and other times, the giver. And they are reminders of your true nature. You are safe, secure, loved, loving, whole, powerful and strong.

When I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, I realized that those things didn’t own me. I learned there are generous people who want to help.

Are you prepared for the next earthquake, the next hurricane, the next Life Storms?

Are you sensitive to their energies?

Can you stand victoriously with each uncertainty in life?

Life visits us all. There are hills, and there are valleys. You can’t get around them. You must go through them and learn from them. You gain a broader perspective. You get out of your head and drop into your heart. You deepen in compassion and understanding. And you let go! You surrender to the present moment. You experience the fullness and depth of all the life experiences. You made it!

Standing victoriously,