Dear Mystical Readers,

At the age of 15, I penned these very questions in my journal…

Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? (Excerpt from my book, “Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina“)

And I’ve been on a search ever since to discover the answers to those very questions. Haven’t we all?

My life has been a journey. Every life experience was and is a healer, lover, and teacher. I was awakening like a lotus flower to gain understanding. This is what I have discovered along my journey so far.

Who Am I?

I am a child of God. An eternal spirit whose identity and stability rests with my Creator.

Why Am I Here?

I am here to heal and manifest the glory of God.

What Is My Purpose?

My purpose is to spread love and go out into the world as a bold energy shifter, bright light bearer, brilliant powerhouse, beautiful miracle worker.

It is that simple.

Who Am I?…

I was tossed to and fro in my identity and stability… trying to fix myself, wearing different masks, following the beliefs of others. I walked in this world and forgot my spiritual identity. Needless to say, it was a futile process. The more that I recognized I belong to God, the lighter my load became. I let go of the earthly attachments of things, people, events, conditions. And I found my inner peace. It’s a peace that surpasses all understanding the dwells in me. I am safe, secure, loved and loving.

Why Am I Here?…

Don’t we all want to discover why we are here? Then, we can get on with the task. But there wasn’t any striving, trying, fixing, figuring. It was a discovery, an unveiling, an opening. For years, I wrestled. But now I am quieted. It is to heal my mind… to have clarity of my mind… to let go of beliefs, fears, doubt, confusion, thoughts that no longer serve me. It was a healing that I received when I discovered this treasure. It was the key that unlocked my heart and soul to experience the fullness and richness of God. As you heal, you manifest the glory of God. No more stuck. No more saboteur. No more suffering. No more.

What Is My Purpose?…

I lived in the power of fear. I now live in the power of love. My purpose is to lift the fearful burden of others so they can experience love too. I can be bold. I can be bright. I can be brilliant. I can be beautiful.

I AM a Bold Energy Shifter.
I AM a Bright Light Bearer.
I AM a Brilliant Powerhouse.
I AM a Beautiful Miracle Worker.

Who Are You?

Why Are You Here?

What is Your Purpose?

Go discover. You may find the answers are really that simple.